Jennifer Hudson Opens up about 2008 Family Murders

October 8, 2015

Jennifer Hudson had made rare public comments about the 2008 murders of her mother, sister and nephew in a new interview. The Oscar and Grammy winner also credits her son for saving her life in the aftermath of the unthinkable tragedy.

 Jennifer Hudson

The 34-year-old multi-hyphenate has come a long way since her seventh place finish on American Idol, which, of course in retrospect is a bit of a shocker. But if she didn’t win America’s votes then, she has won much much more since. Not least, both a Grammy Award and an Oscar.

She could be well on her way to EGOT stature as she’s got a recurring role in Empire and is set to make her Broadway debut in a new musical based on Alice Walker’s classic ‘A Color Purple.’ Emmy and Tony may find a place on her shelf, yes, along with yet another Oscar — and a SAG and a Golden Globe and all the rest — as she took on a dramatic role in Spike Lee’s ‘Chiraq’ which opens in theaters just in time for awards consideration.

And we’ve also known her as a diet and fitness inspiration after her impressive 80+ pound weight loss and stature as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

It’s rare that Jennifer Hudson opens up about the 2008 murders of her mother, her sister and her nephew. The news of the tragedy and its aftermath dominated the headlines for months and when we thought Jennifer Hudson, we thought of that tragedy and those, retrospectively poignant red carpet photos of her alongside her mother.

But in a new interview with Glamour she opens up, saying, “It’s frustrating as hell to me to have somebody who ain’t lost nothing try to talk to me about it.” She continued, adding, “I want to say, ‘Don’t even bother, because you know nothing.’ But you never know how much you can get through until you’re going through it.”

She went on to say, “I went from being an aunt, having a mom, and being a child to not having a mom, becoming a mom, and raising my own child.” She was referring to the birth in 2009 of her now six year old son, David, with fiancé David Otunga. She famously didn’t announce the pregnancy as eventually photos and video did the announcing for her.

She went on to say, “I tell David [now six] all the time, ‘You saved my life.’ ” As for moving back to her native Chicago — where her family members were murdered — she said, “Here I get to take off Little Miss Celebrity and be normal, let my feet touch the ground…I feel like it keeps me me.”

The full interview is here. She speaks about the ‘Chiraq’ movie and its gun violence and how she was able to succeed in the role not to much in spite of but because of her personal history. You can see red carpet photos of Jennifer Hudson and her son David below.

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