Grace Jones Covers Paper Magazine, Criticizes Kanye West for ‘Ripping Off’ Her Iconic Photos

October 5, 2015

Grace Jones’ image on the cover of Paper magazine’s Nowstalgia issue is from 1978, and that’s just the point. To call her an icon is beyond classic understatement, and she herself has much to say and is not hesitant to name check the likes of Kanye West.

Grace Jones

The indelible image, one of many that Grace Jones has given us over the years, is from a 1978 and it’s by the famed photographer Jean-Paul Goude. That’s one of the tamer images. The others have found themselves subject of controversy over the years which, we all know, have become more and more “politically correct.”

As Jones tells Paper magazine what she thinks of that term and all the stifling zeitgeist that has brought it to life. She calls it “the worst term ever” and goes on to say, “I never liked it.” Elaborating, she adds, “I’m pretty radical about this politically correct bulls–t, because it’s the complete opposite of freedom.”

Now Grace Jones is everywhere. And if anyone thought for a moment that being 67 years old was going to equate to dotage, that someone has learned otherwise. That’s certainly true for a number of music artists, clearly influenced by her, whom she is less than impressed with.

As she continues to promote her pointedly titled new memoir, ‘I’ll Never Write My Memoirs,’ Grace Jones reminds us all that she is still who she is. If anything more so. For the younger generations just discovering her, it may all come as a shock, as fittingly it should. After so many imitations, we have the genuine article and she’s got a lot on her mind. And it’s not just the memoir in which she takes those imitators to task.

In particular she singles out Kanye West for his “homage” to some of her iconic images with his then-girlfriend Amber Rose. She tells Paper magazine, “Kanye has been ripping off stuff from me and Jean-Paul Goude for a long time, so it was no surprise to me. She goes on to add, “I believe they would’ve done it anyway, and I believe Jean-Paul when he said he’d rather rip himself off than have someone else rip him off.”

Grace Jones whose artistry went viral before we knew what viral was, also has some surprising views about the Internet. She says she “unlearned it a long time ago.” Elaborating, she said, “I just find that it’s a lot of sh-t to sort [through], and I don’t have time.” And she added, “So I just don’t indulge in it at all.”

Of course, it must be noted that her own promoting for her book has increasingly gone viral on the Internet that she doesn’t pay attention to. There’s nothing like lifting your shirt during a book signing and revealing no bra, let alone pasties. Yes, those pictures are now everywhere.

You can see more excerpts of Grace Jones’ interview with Paper maazine here.

But as noted, that’s the not last of Grace Jones. It’s just the beginning. She’s been giving radio interviews as well. Among the more eyebrow raising interview was with Bevy Smith on Bevelations on SiriusXM.

It would not do justice to just tell you what she said about Lady Gaga. You must hear the inflections. But she is making headlines for the comments, particularly for saying of meeting her for the first time, “Gaga came to me, and I just could not find a soul. I come from church; maybe that has something to do with it. I like to get to the soul of a person. I just didn’t feel a soul.”

All that and much more in the audio interview below!

#GraceJones puts #KanyeWest on blast in our #Nowstalgia cover story – link in bio! (📷 by Tod Papageorge)

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