Selena Gomez Covers ‘Flare’ Magazine, Was ‘Super in Love’ Now ‘Empowered’ and ‘In Control’

October 2, 2015

Selena Gomez graces the cover of ‘Flare’ magazine and continues her declaration of independence of any preconceived notions that might linger from the Disney days and the Justin Bieber days. With a new solo album to promote, she’s taken charge of the message, she wants us to know, with candid interviews, such as this one, and edgy photo spreads.

Selena Gomez

The new album is pointedly titled ‘Revival’ and Selena Gomez, at age 23 and many years away from her Disney child star days and her Justin Bieber’s girlfriend days aims to show is that it’s just that. Yes, the album, of which she is executive producer, it’s intended as a revival for the multi-talented star who shone so brightly at Disney and who found herself embroiled in some of the embroilment of her ex.

She tells ‘Flare’ magazine in the interview, “I didn’t think I had found the heart of the album. So I asked if I could executive-produce it. That was a big deal, because they were partnering with me as opposed to trying to mould me or shape me into something. Now that the record’s done, I look at it and I’m excited that it was all me. It was all my choice.”

And that is quite an achievement, as we’ve witnessed artists having to cut ties with record labels to get such artistic freedom which, of course is what she has done, as she left Hollywood Records for Interscope.

She went on to explain, “I had multiple revelations and big accomplishments in my life: a new label and a new team; I’ve been working out more and focusing on my music; and I got to do a couple of movies. I was really fighting for this transition. I’m young: I’ve lived my life in the public eye, and I’ve had to figure out how to do that. Ultimately, I am 23 and figuring out my life. I feel confident, I feel empowered, I feel in control.”

Selena Gomez had much more to say as she continued accessing her music and how her experiences have shaped it. After admitting that she’s “not the best singer”—like, I know I’m not Céline Dion” she went on to speak of the instrument that she does have.

She said, “Ever since I was 16, I’ve had this lower register, what I thought was a very manly voice, and I was insecure about that. But once I started acting more, I realized it was an asset, and I didn’t want to force myself to aim for the highest note possible.”

Reflecting upon the recent past, and even referencing — although not by name — Justin Bieber, Gomez continued, and said, “My strength is translating emotion, because I’m such a feeler. I’ve felt so much in the past two years, from being super in love and then dealing with things to getting older and all these beautiful experiences that were complicated and exciting. That’s what I wanted the record to feel like.”

The song titles and lyrics are quite mature, and reflective of that. ‘Same Old Love’ which was preceded by that scorching hot and parental-advisory worthy lead single ‘Good for You,’ which had not much to do with any of the bromides of good health. We saw Selena Gomez as a siren in the music video.

She went on to speak about her personal life and admitted to an inability to trust people, understandably for one who’s been for much of her life in public view which, frankly, is a euphemism for what stars are subjected to these days. Selena Gomez said, “I think that’s probably why I’m in love with what I do. And when I’m with my friends, I’ll host dinners or parties at my home; it’s not like I’m a complete hermit. I just don’t give myself to anyone; I don’t trust as much as I would like to, but that’s okay. It’s something I work on.”

She also spoke glowingly of her BFF Taylor Swift and said she “has such a beautiful way of bringing people together.” She elaborated, saying, “That was good for me, because the more I started working, the more uncomfortable I was. I wouldn’t trust people, and Taylor has a way of stripping down everything and just getting down to being human. I love that.”

Yes, the now-23-year-old continues her declaration, telling us that she is growing up and the outward signs match up with the words. The success of the ‘Revival’ album and tour of the same name remain to be seen, but if one were inclined to bet, one would do well to bet in her favor.

You can see Selena Gomez’s full interview here and the Flare magazine cover below!

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