Cindy Crawford opens up about Richard Gere Marriage, Aging and Turning 50

September 29, 2015

Cindy Crawford opened up on a wide range of topics including her marriage to Richard Gere and her thoughts on aging and turning 50. The iconic 19990s supermodel is reflective as she speaks out about her new book, ‘Becoming’ and what she has to share of her many years in the public spotlight.

Cindy Crawford

Her new book, “Becoming,” published by Rizzoli is an amalgam of the glossy coffee table book and the memoir with a dose of self-help and empowerment thrown I’s filled with iconic images from throughout Cindy Crawford’s groundbreaking career as one of the major supermodels of the 1990s and she has been everywhere of late, not just promoting the book but embracing her upcoming 50th birthday, in February.

In her interview with Porter, she said of the book, ” ‘I didn’t want [her new book Becoming] to be a tell-all or an autobiography. It was important to me to share only stories that had a message or a lesson that had a universal appeal.”

She did go on to open up about her former husband Richard Gere and said, “Look, I learned a lot from Richard. I learned about how to be famous. Again, that’s not a universal lesson. And a lot of the personal things, everything else I learned from that, were for me.”

She went on to say, “It’s not something I want to share. If I felt that there was a great good that could come of it, I might have shared more, but I didn’t think that there was anything for other people to learn or benefit from. And I wanted to be respectful.”

She went on to talk about growing older and what it has meant to her, as a woman in the public eye whose every hint of a wrinkle — or lack of same — is scrutinized. She said, “In my thirties and even early forties, I could kind of still fake it. But then I started to worry that I was disappointing people, that I wasn’t delivering the ‘Cindy Crawford’ that they expected. But I’m past that now. I can’t even smoke-and-mirrors the Cindy from my twenties anymore. And that’s okay.”

She went on to say, “What I have to offer now is different, that’s all. It’s not worse, even though the world may not always agree with you about that. And I’m pretty at peace with it.”

You can see more excerpts of the interview with Cindy Crawford here.

Cindy Crawford also gave a live television interview on Good Morning America (which you can see below) and spoke on these themes of aging and moving on with life. She said, “I never wanted to write a book because I didn’t want to do an autobiography only or a gigantic coffee table book that collects dust. This is a great way to celebrate iconic images but also the lessons to celebrate turning 50 which is happening in February.”

She went on to say, “I don’t like those big Numbers but then all of a sudden the day comes and goes and you go, wait, I’m the same person but doing the book and celebrating where I’ve been helped me, I think, not dread it quite so much.”

In the live interview, the supermodel continues with her characteristic candor, as she speaks about some of her early experiences in her career and what she has learned. And, stunning at 49, no doubt as she enters the next decade and celebrates that milestone 50th birthday Cindy Crawford will continue to inspire and to encourage women to embrace aging.

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