Chvrches ‘Every Open Eye’ Album Review Roundup

September 22, 2015

Chvrches new album is ‘Every Open Eye.’ The Scottish electro-pop band’s highly anticipated sophomore release is out and critics are having their say. Does the band measure up after their brilliant debut with ‘The Bones of What You Believe?’ Check out a review roundup.


The Glasgow, Scotland-based synth-pop band — comprised of front-woman Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty — is quickly rising to international fame. Where once they were gathering a growing fan base as the favorites of music blogs that became their vocal devotees we can safely say they are now worldwide music stars. As such their new album is eagerly anticipated worldwide and they have come a long way from their early self-described start as “a band born on the internet.”

And yes, too, it’s the sophomore album, and we know how music artists can fall prey to the sophomore slump and especially after the breakthrough major-label debut of 2013 that was the poetically-titled ‘The Bones of What You Believe.’ Truthfully, the title alone jumps out if one is on a random search at iTunes for something that might be worth a listen. And the infectious music and such hits as ‘”The Mother We Share” only matched the eloquent title.

And, yes, the critics raved and many publications — including Billboard, Rolling Stone, NME and Pitchfork Media — put the band on their top albums of the year lists.

Now, two years later, the band is back, with having proceeded the full album with the lead single, ‘Without a Trace’ which they first debuted in live performance during the summer, and soon afterward announced the new album and its full tracklist.

So we are now waiting with the proverbial bated breath…what do the critics have to say of the new album? Here’s a roundup.

“….The music is digital and danceable but with emotional depth–much of it thanks to Mayberry. …..” — Billboard

“….A record like a deep gulp of cold air on a clear, bright morning after. …..” — The Guardian

“….Every Open Eye offers no apologies, no caveats, no halfway measures. Chvrches’ disco ball is tiled with galvanized steel…..” – NPR

“….The trio’s sophomore album, Every Open Eye, promises to continue the Chvrches tradition of synth-and-vocals volleying and work its way into your cold winter-ready heart…..” – The Verge

“….Without departing much from the sound of their first album, CHVRCHES seem to have focused more on the details. A greater sense of enthusiasm permeates through the sparkling synths, bubbly bass and driving dance beats…..” — Pop Matters

Thus far the album is striking gold, at least as far as its critical reception goes, and album sales may soon follow suit and perhaps even pushing towards that other precious metal that artists seek, platinum. Below you can see the album cover and listen to the live stream of all the tracks of Chvrches’ ‘Every Open Eye.’

Our first look at the #EveryOpenEye vinyl, released this Friday!

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