Lana Del Rey ‘Honeymoon’ Album Review Roundup

September 18, 2015

Lana Del Rey’s new album is ‘Honeymoon.’ The much-anticipated third studio album from the always provocative music artist is a followup to last year’s ‘Ultraviolence’ which found largely critical acclaim. And this time? Check out a review roundup.

Lana Del Rey

Yes, Lana Del Rey — stage name of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant a.k.a. Lizzie Grant — is now a mainstream artist even as she may polarize critics and the public alike. She’s a provocateur in the best sense, as one gets the feeling it is true artistic expression and not just an attempt to drive the conversation in social media.

Always known for her edgy, and sometimes controversial music videos — it was the eyebrow raising ‘Video Games’ which first brought her to the attention to many — she didn’t disappoint this time around, as her ‘High By the Beach’ video saw her shooting down a paparazzi helicopter with a bazooka (as you can see below). No doubt a fantasy of some in the public eye.

She dazzled and frustrated critics with her major-label debut, ‘Born to Die, which went on to become a worldwide bestselling album, and ‘Ultraviolence’ was her follow up.

And now, with progression of titles, we have ‘Honeymoon,’ and anyone who doesn’t see that title as ironic has not been following Lana Del Rey’s career trajectory! Yes, from ‘Born to Die’ to ‘Honeymoon.’

And what do the critics have to say? Is she having such a honeymoon this time around? Here’s a roundup.

“….She’s been angry, and then bored of being angry, but now she’s just bored, and her boredom is entrancing. There’s that taffy voice, resignedly oozing all over the place — rarely does Ms. Del Rey check in at something more intense than a yawn. She’s not an ornate singer, but she achieves a great deal with only the many shades of exhaustion…..” — New York Times

“…. With a little chopped-and-screwed modernity, hints of jazz and Morricone-like soundscapes, there’s a timelessness to Honeymoon, and an intrigue that should linger longer than her previous LPs……” — The Guardian

“….A honeymoon with Lana Del Rey is more sticky than sweet: Get ready to enter a world of truly tortured romance, complete with enough bitterness, lust and violence for a one-woman revival of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?…..” — Rolling Stone

“…..An intoxicating listen, ‘Honeymoon’ is designed for the red neon glow of a smoky cabaret bar, a Californian answer to the chanson tradition. Its lyrics are pulled from the jaws of tragedy, and its melodies evoke the uneasy state between wakefulness and dreaming. Lana seems more fragile, and more human this time. And it makes you think: perhaps it’s not a character after all….” — NME

“….Honeymoon, Del Rey’s third album, is a narcissistic study in unhappiness. It is an album of sighs and whispers, vocals subtly layered until multiple voices blend into one soft croon, melodies lazily unwinding like a narcoleptic dream amid decaying synths, lonely echoing guitar lines, strings shimmering in a heat haze and drum patterns so restrained that they are almost embarrassed to draw attention to themselves…..” — The Telegraph

Yes, critics have spoken, and now it’s time for the public at large and the devoted fans to have their say in their purchases. Will the new album fly off the virtual shelves or not? Will she land a Billboard 200 No. 1 debut this time around? Either way, Lana Del Rey’s ‘Honeymoon’ album will be talked about for quite some time, no doubt!

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