Prince ‘HITNRUN Phase One’ Album Review Roundup

September 7, 2015

Prince’s new album,’HITNRUN Phase One,’ was released exclusively on TIDAL on Labor Day. Now, the critics are weighing in hours after the much-anticipated release. Does the legendary artist deliver? Check out a roundup of what’s being said.


The album had two singles that preceded it, HARDROCKLOVER” and “This Could B Us” and they were, of themselves met with fanfare. But that was nothing compared to what was to follow. Prince held a “three-day international dance party” Paisley Park in celebration of the release of the album. Now that’s some serious fanfare.

Not only did Prince release a new album on Labor Day, but it was released exclusively on TIDAL, as the music service co-founded by Jay Z and an A-list rooster of music artists continues to thrive despite the detractors, of which there are many. But nothing like having the Purple One to entrust a long-awaited album, bypassing the likes of iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Target and all the rest.

It was not a surprise release, but still, arriving in full, as announced, with no later backtrack and delays or, on the other hand, no unfortunate leaking, Prince’s new album is here.

The critics had to tear themselves away from the Labor Day festivities to give a listen. As far as listening goes, one could do far, far worse. If nothing else, there’s the curiosity. Prince has become and remained a legend on his own terms. We haven’t seen him dilute his brand with any endless shilling for perfume companies and car companies. The music, when we hear it, is in its proper context.

So what do the critics have to say of the album that’s only reachable to subscribers of TIDAL? Here’s a roundup.

“….The successes tend to be love songs. “1000 X’s & O’s,” about awaiting an absent partner, surrounds Prince’s voice in wavery, analog-sounding synthesizers that hark back to Stevie Wonder, while “Fallinlove2nite” fortifies a perky disco revival with a more modern four-on-the-floor beat. “Hardrocklover,” a boast about the seductive powers of an electric guitar, teases through most of its verses with glassy keyboard tones before letting Prince’s distorted guitar lash out…..” — New York Times

“….At the same time, “HITNRUN” strikes a very different tone from “Art Official Age.” Released almost exactly one year ago, “Age” presented a dystopian world made alien by technology and social media, “HITNRUN” only wants to funk you up. It’s a ballad-free, dance-driven affair, clocking in at an LP-like length of just over 37 minutes…..” — New York Daily News

“……..” — Complex

“….With new producer Joshua Welton at the helm and much jamming in the studio, the album’s exclusive launch via Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service is his most experimental and shapeshifting in years. […] Whether any of this results in the much-yearned-for enduring classic only time – and more plays – will tell, but it’s been a long time since a Prince album has been so pleasurable and enjoyable to hear….” — The Guardian

“…. One of the highlights is “Fallinlove2nite,” a bright, synth pop ditty that sounds like it could have been an outtake from 1985’s “Around the World in a Day.”…..” — Star-Tribune

See the ‘HITNRUN Phase One’ album cover art and listen to the two singles, HARDROCKLOVER” and “This Could B Us” below!

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