Paula Deen Talks ‘DWTS’ Weight Loss Plans (VIDEO)

September 2, 2015

Paula Deen is among the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ celebrity dancers in the news season. The celebrity chef also reveals why she wants to be on DWTS — yes, for weight loss, she says — as the news travels that this time around it’s not a rumor, it’s the truth.

Paula Deen

The 68-year-old former Food Network star is back on television, and this time, not whipping up fat and sugar laden Southern delicacies whose calorie count runs into the thousands. And yes, not defending herself in yet another tearful, apology interview in the aftermath of the N-word controversy that led to the near-downfall of her culinary empire. No, this time around, she’s one of the celebrity dancers on DWTS on season 21 of the show that embraces every manner of celebrity and public figure, the more improbable and far-fetched the better.

Yes, it was inevitable. After so many years of rumors, reality strikes and Paula Deen herself, live on GMA, in Times Square in New York City confirms not only that she’s on the new season, but also why. Sitting alongside two of her soon-to-be competitors, Kim Zolnick and Tamar Braxton, Paula Deen had an opportunity to speak out.

Yes, obviously, many celebrities want to get into the news and become relevant again, that’s one component. And for Paula Deen, it will be her first ongoing presence on television in quite some time. Yes, she had that other controversy, of concealing her Type II diabetes diagnosis for two years, and then going public while being a paid spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company manufacturing a drug intended to treat the condition.

And that led to her public efforts to lose weight and still maintain a butter-laden culinary empire. In numerous interviews she did confirm a weight loss of 35 pounds and all the while was preaching her new philosophy of moderation.

And now, on Good Morning America, co-anchor, George Stephanopoulos, noting that she had had “a tough couple of years” went on to ask her what she wanted to get out of DWTS.

Deen said, “George I’ll tell you, this is the first time in a few years where I felt like my weight would allow me to participate.” She went on to say, “I’ve been very busy with my new cookbook ‘Paula Deen Cuts the Fat’ and I’ve been eating that way for two years.”

She continued, saying, “‘And that’s kind of gotten me ready. And what I hope I can get out of this is a bunch of new friends. And maybe lose some weight and get a better body.”

And with that, let the speculation begin. Will Paula Deen complete her rehabilitation of her image and drop a few pounds? And what comes next? More books? More endorsements? Maybe even another television show? The celebrity watching world will be watching, as the only storyline more captivating than a trainwreck is a redemption.

See Paula Deen’s DWTS announcement and interview video below!

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