Celine Dion Returns to Las Vegas Stage as Husband Rene Angelil Battles Cancer (PHOTOS)

August 29, 2015

Celine Dion took to the stage in Las Vegas ending her year-long hiatus of caring for her cancer-stricken husband, Rene Angelil. See photos of the legendary singer who returned with elegance, grace, and of course, her signature soaring voice.

Celine Dion

For the audience, a special night, and for the rest of us, it lives on in pictures and video which have gone viral. A year has gone by, and the 47-year-old Celine Dion has returned to Las Vegas to take the stage at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace once again and continue her residency. When we think Las Vegas, of course we think the Sunset Strip and gambling. And when we think of Vegas entertainers, Celine Dion is top of mind. The legendary singer of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from ‘Titanic’ gave an emotional performance.

In advance of her return, she gave a candid and deeply personal interview, in which she spoke of her husband, the 73-year-old Rene Angelil, who is battling cancer. She had taken the year off to care for the man she married in 1994 who had been her manager. The couple has three children, 14-year-old Rene-Charles and 4-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy.

According to US Weekly, she spoke with reporters before the Thursday, August 27 show, and said in part, of her return, “I’m trying really hard to show my children that sickness and things happen in life. You cannot be crying and be depressed and consistently talk about, ‘Oh my God.’”

She also said, “Rene Charles is going to be 15 years old soon. He’s a wonderful young man. He’s entered his teenage years and sometimes we can go really crazy, for some teenagers, but so far so good. I have tremendous respect for my oldest, Rene Charles, because he’s showing strength to see his dad this way because he’s been his anchor. When he was younger he knew his dad was older but they bonded a lot. I’m sure it’s hard for him.”

Yes, it may be one of the oldest cliches in the entertainment biz that the show must go on, and it’s easy to forget just what those words can mean to a performer. Just imagine performing at all, after a year, might bring a bout of stage fright, but to know that as you sing, your dearly beloved clings to life and you yourself strive — as she herself so poignantly said — to show strength and fortitude.

See photos of Celine Dion’s performance in Las Vegas below, along with a video report.

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Pictures: PR Photos

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