Daisy Lowe Opens up about Body Image and Being Called ‘Curvy’

August 25, 2015

Daisy Lowe speaks out about being called ‘curvy.’ The British model and daughter of Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe reveals she’s not a fan of the terminology. She also opens up about how she copes with fame and much more.

Daisy Lowe

She’s been a success for a few years now, the 26-year-old who goes against the fashion industry strictures of the super thin — some would argue potentially dangerously and unhealthy thin — runway ideal. Sure she’s got the impressive supermodel height of five-foot-ten, but her dress size is, gasp, size six. Right, we’re supposed to be aghast at this!

As she reveals in an interview with The Guardian, Daisy Lowe is no fan of all those precious little words that crop up to describe her figure. She says, “I get labelled as curvy but I’m sure women who are size 14 or 16 find that infuriating. I’m only curvy compared to normal model size; I’m not teeny-weeny. Women are our own worst enemies when it comes to how we look.”

She doesn’t talk about social media or cyberbullying and how it has affected her, and perhaps we can find a clue when she says, “When I was 19 I decided never to read anything about myself.” Surely it much take discipline and resolve, but she appears to be quite nonchalant about her choice.

She goes on, and speaks of her own comfort level with her body and how she feels about bearing all for the camera. She said of it, “I think the female form is something to be celebrated.” She went on to add, “I have to become a character to have the confidence to take my clothes off. If I was Daisy, I’d be an awkward nightmare.”

You can see the full interview here. She talks about her dating life, or lack of same for now, as well as what it was like for her to grow up with famous parents and to meet their famous friends.

A fascinating read for those who want to know more about the model and now actress as she forges an identity of her own, aside from being the daughter of famous people. She’s appearing in the new movie ‘Pressure’ and thus us making the red carpet and print and video interview rounds. She may indeed be the next model to become a breakaway star.

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