Carrie Underwood’s New Single, ‘Smoke Break’ Sparks Controversy

August 22, 2015

Carrie Underwood has released a new single, ‘Smoke Break,’ from her new album, ‘Storyteller.’ She made the surprise announcement via Facebook, and answered fans’ questions. A song about smoking? Yes, and it has provoked quite a reaction on social media.

The 33-year-old country music superstar dazzled fans with her triumphant return to the stage in June at the CMT Music Awards, rocking a minidress and revealing an amazing post-baby body. Clocking right along on the comeback track, she has now announced a new album, ‘Storyteller’ and a new single, ‘Smoke Break.’

Yes, ‘Smoke Break’ is raising eyebrows and causing some notable backlash in social media. While Underwood herself, now 10 years past her American idol victory and with seven Grammy Awards to display (or not) somewhere, is moving along with the next major album, which, presumably will lead to the tour of the same title, the song title is causing a stir.

Yes, sometimes you don’t need violence in a music video or language that has to be bleeped out on television to start an uproar. Sometimes, just a song title and some lyrics implying it’s okay to, yes, take a smoke break, don’t sit so well in the post-Surgeon General tobacco warning days.

As Rolling Stone reports, when Carrie Underwood announced the new single, via a Facebook chat, she was, naturally asked about that title. She said in response, “We were writing and kept taking breaks to go outside because we were getting a little stuck on a song we were already working on…It was so beautiful outside that we had a hard time focusing, so we decided to write a song about taking breaks! ‘Smoke Break’ seemed like a great title, so we ran with it!”

And, as you can see in the Facebook video below, she goes on to elaborate about the song and its meaning, saying, “The song itself is just kind of one of those story songs that I feel like everybody can relate to, about how life is so hectic and it’s so nice when, if and when, you actually get to kind of step away for a second.”

Well, of course, there is a larger point, that being, the subtext of the lyrics which speak of the constraints of small town life — such “desperate lives” pathos as — “Sometimes I need a long drag / Yeah I know it might sound bad, but sometimes I need a smoke break.” Yes, it’s escapism of the unhealthy kind. But so too is spending too much time on Facebook complaining about song lyrics! The larger point being, of course, why does a person live a life of such unfulfilled potential and unrealized dreams, that lighting up a cigarette or trolling in the Internet becomes the escape?

Well, how this will play out in the social media, instant reaction world of ours is anyone’s guess. Just imagine what happens when the music video comes out. Will there be any puffs of smoke?

Carrie Underwood’s new album, ‘Storyteller’ is due out in October, and the single, ‘Smoke Break’ has already been released to radio as on the airwaves one can sing about taking such a break.

You can see the single cover, Carrie Underwood’s video announcing the single and stream the audio below!

I’m so excited to finally share this news with you!

Posted by Carrie Underwood on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Posted by Carrie Underwood on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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