Jordin Sparks ‘Right Here Right Now’ Album Review Roundup

August 21, 2015

Jordin Sparks’ new album is ‘Right Here Right Now.’ The R&B singer-songwriter who became at age 17 the youngest American Idol winner is back with her first new album in six years and critics are having their say. The question is unavoidable; is the new album a comeback or is it not? Here’s a roundup of reviews.

Jordin Sparks

Six years is a long time between albums these days. And it has been just that many years since Jordin Sparks’ ‘Battlefield’ of 2009 and its infectious title track. While that’s quite a few years for any artist, most especially for Sparks who was 19 when her last album was released and who now, relaunches her career at 25 with a new album. Those are transitional years, especially for one who was first known to us as a teenage singing sensation with a big voice on a show that’s known for producing would-be stars with big voices.

But artistry is more than an impressive voice. And critics in their reviews are noting that with the passage of time between that American Idol-prescribed self-titled debut and the ‘Right Here Right Now’ that we have today represents a different artist. We saw glimmers of that with the sensational music video that saw Jordin Sparks dancing in the desert revealing her slimmed down physique which, in interviews she has spoken of the her fitness and weight loss efforts. And again, a reminder, she’s not the 17-year-old from years ago, any longer.

Yes, the hiatus is over, and so is all of the anticipation and buildup for the new album. It’s in the virtual hands of critics who are now weighing in. Here’s a roundup.

“….A few ballads drag down the album’s momentum and get lost among the bouncy club songs, which either recall DJ Mustard’s sound or are actually produced by him (“It Ain’t You”). Still, rays of sunshine like the reggae jam “Casual Love,” featuring Shaggy, remind us that Sparks is still a girl on fire…..” — Rolling Stone

“….But it’s Shaggy’s support on an island-y ode to committed relationships that pops among a mix of passionate R&B jams and take-charge lady anthems…..” — Entertainment Weekly

“….That hybrid, and Sparks’ new maturity, allows her to find her voice, as well as a potential new role. While many fans have called Ariana Grande the new Mariah, “Right Now” makes Sparks sound like the true heir……” — New York Daily News

As critics weigh in, and as the album streams ahead of its release, it remains to be seen if the singer in returning after six years has captured the zeitgeist and the attention and cold hard cast of fans. In the meantime, watch the sultry music video for the title track of Jordin Sparks’ ‘Right Here Right Now’ album below!

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