Ashley Judd Reveals Toned Abs, Stunning Physique at Zumba Convention (Photos, Video)

August 16, 2015

Ashley Judd is a fitness sensation at the Zumba Convention and now the photos and video are going viral. Find out what the star has to say about her impressive physique and most especially the toned abs that belie her age.

Ashley Judd

The 47-year-old actress and activist Ashley Judd is often in the news for controversy and/or politics but this time around, she’s causing a sensation in social media for her amazing physique, just as she did at the Zumba Convention in Orlando Florida. Yes, for those who did not know, there is such! And it’s hugely popular as is the exercise and dance routine itself that so many have embraced including numerous — and we do mean numerous! — celebrities.

Now, as Ashley Judd took to the stage, the Entertainment Tonight cameras were rolling, and between that video clip and all the photos on social media, the words is getting out that she attributes her fitness level and her remarkable figure to Zumba.

Yes, it is an upbeat story about an upbeat, positive fun fitness trend that people love to rally around. For those who are tired of the rigors of treadmill running or those solitary morning jogs, or who never quite got the hang of spinning or other such classes, Zumba has become the salvation.

And in showing up at the convention and revealing some tremendously fit and enviable abs, Ashley Judd has just made the popular routine even more so . After her keynote presentation, she took to Facebook and spoke about the larger, deeper implications of Zumba which are worth taking note of.

She said, “It began as just a little something good for the brain, with friends mentioning a class they really enjoyed.” She went on to say, “I’ll be in Zumba and the whole class is doing the combination to the right, but I’ll start doing it to the left just to challenge my brain. It improves neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to generate connectivity. It’s regenerating.”

See more photos of Ashley Judd at the Zumba convention plus the video below!


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