Carly Rae Jepsen ‘E-Mo-Tion’ Album Review Roundup

August 14, 2015

Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album is ‘E-Mo-Tion.’ The Canadian pop music superstar who rose to fame with the megahit ‘Call Me Maybe’ is back with her third album and the critics are weighing in. Expectations are high and, as always, the question is, did she deliver this time around? Here’s a roundup of reviews.

To say expectations are high with this new album ‘ ‘E-Mo-Tion’is an understatement. The now 30-year-old Grammy-nominated Canadian singer-songwriter was once upon a time just another performer who was just getting by after rising to nominal fame on Canadian Idol. And in those days, another album would be, well, just another album hitting digital retailers and stores.

Yes, but then her song ‘Call Me Maybe’ caught Justin Bieber’s attention, and from there on, the attention, seemingly, of the entire world at least if one counts — if one can count! — all the many lip synch videos it has spawned. And when people weren’t making their own ‘Call Me Maybe’ videos they were busily buying the track and making it the bestseller of 2012 in the entire world.

After that, she was saddled with the one-hit-wonder speculation. Arguably that’s even worse than the high expectations that lead artists to struggle with a sophomore album.

We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen one-hit wonders, and we’ve seen them surprise us. Carley Rae Jepson may very well number among those. She’s already three years beyond that iconic song which is easily one of the biggest hits thus far of the 21st century, and will be enshrined in music history as such.

She produced a second album, ‘Kiss’ which debuted at a respectable, but not spectacular No. 6 on the Billboard 200, and got mostly positive reviews. And along the way made her Broadway debut in the iconic Rogers & Hammerstein musical ‘Cinderella.’

Now she’s back on the pop music scene with ‘E-Mo-Tion.’ Already its lead single ‘I Really Like You’ made its mark, not least for its music video costarring Oscar-winner Tom Hanks. And now the critics are having their say on the album as a whole. Here’s a roundup.

“….Due to the era the album fetishes, the music sounds inescapably chintzy. Though other artists are reviving similar synth sounds these days, including Haim, they still sound as dated as “Dynasty.” Jepsen’s improbably young voice helps distract from that. Even when she sings about a love object, it sounds like she’s addressing her teddy bear…..” — New York Daily News

“….Few artists have taken a logarithmic hit like “Call Me Maybe” as a sign to push even further, to make something better, more human, and more electric. But Jepsen is the kind of singer who thrives on the stakes that unapologetic pop music offers. Everything lives or dies on a glance or a kiss; desires grow tall and come crashing down hard. Whether she gets what she wants or she goes home broken, Emotion finds life in the wanting itself…..” — Consequence of Sound

As the album finds its way to fans we’ll soon see what the final verdict is; runaway album sales or not. Meanwhile check out the infectiously appealing music video for ‘I Really Like You’ from Carly Rae Jepson’s ‘E-Mo-Tion’ album!

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