Luke Bryan ‘Kill the Lights’ Album Review Roundup

August 5, 2015

Luke Bryan’s ‘Kill the Lights’ album is the fifth from the country music superstar and the music critics are weighing in on this much-anticipated new release, his first since ‘Crash My Party.’ Yes, expectation are high and the question now is, were those expectations met? Here’s a roundup of reviews.

Luke Bryan

Yes, anticipation was ramping up in the days approaching the release of the album, in the early days of August as many are eying that last chance to take a vacation or frantically making those back-to-school preparations.

Yes, this has been the exact opposite of the trendy surprise album, as there’s been a slow, slow buildup to these proverbial dog days of summer for the release of the album.

Luke Bryan unveiled the tracklisting of ‘Kill the Lights’ to much excitement, as not only had he co-written half a dozen of the songs on the standard edition, but his collaboration with Little Big Town on ‘Home Alone Tonight’ had especially caused a stir. That’s part of the excitement of a new album, after all, the dream collaborations which will soon become a reality as you listen to them at will.

And yes, for fans it is a dream come true, this new Luke Bryan album, which is his first album since ‘Crash My Party,’ of 2013. The album. critically acclaimed, went on to become certified double platinum in the U.S.

He did not wait for the release of his ‘Kill the Lights album to embark on his tour, as he’s been on the ‘Kick the Dust Up Tour’ since earlier this year. Probably it’s a better title for a tour than the title of the album.

And, continuing the slow buildup, he premiered the title track on the dating app, Tinder. That’s perhaps where the title track has a bit more relevance! These days every possible app offers an opportunity for an artist to find a new audience.

Now the album has been making the rounds amongst the critics who are now gracing us with their reviews, and you can check out what they have to say.

“….It’s telling that Bryan ends the album with his most earnest statements. He serves up several ballads, which salute hunting, fishing, and scarecrows. None are particularly convincing, given the anchor-man blandness of Bryan’s vocals. But they do show that even the most mainline “bro” knows the limits of preening. ….” — New York Daily News

“….Bryan is still far more effective when he seems comfortable. “Fast,” with its more classic country appeal and clever writing from Bryan, Luke Laird and Rodney Clawson is an easy winner, as is the simple “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” which he calls the “prayer that a country boy prays.” Experimenting is good, but sometimes sticking to what you know is even better…..” — Newsday

Check back for more reviews as they arrive as we will keep on rounding them up, as we agree or disagree with what the critics have to say. And in the meantime, check out Luke Bryan’s ‘Kill the Lights’ lyric video below!

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