Alicia Keys Premieres ’28 Thousand Days,’ Her Powerful, Inspiring Comeback Single

August 1, 2015

Alicia Keys’ new single is ’28 Thousand Days.’ Yes, the the R&B music superstar is back on the music scene with an inspiring anthemic song, and it’s drawing much notice and anticipation as we await her sixth album and as we hope its release is not too far in the future!

Alicia Keys

Yes, the 34-year-old R&B singer-songwriter and pianist extraordinaire is back. With 15 Grammy Awards on her shelf — five of which she won with her memorable 2001 debut album, Songs in A Minor, one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the ’00s — she is surging forward in the second decade of this century with an impressive, infectious and, above all, inspiring new song.

Alicia Keys’ last album was released more than three years ago, that was 2012’s ‘Girl on Fire’ which more than lived up to its title. And now ’28 Thousand Days’ her new song has been generating quite a buzz in social media and has drawn notice and praise from critics. In our era of AutoTune and music stars who rely on costumes that veer towards wardrobe malfunction and music videos that need parental advisory, it’s refreshing to have an artist back on the scene who’s not afraid to simply sit at the piano and sing songs of uplift and triumph.

The title ’28 Thousand Days’ translates into 76 years, or in other words, an average human life span. The lyrics are full of galvanizing lines that encourage us to seize every one of those days. She sings, “…There’s only 28,000 days / Who would you love, where would you go, what would you celebrate / I’m tellin’ you that life’s too short to just throw it away…”

Yes, the song seems destined to become a classic. Just imagine the viral videos that may arise as people embrace the life-affirming message and make it their own.

When she released the song, she Tweeted: “This is just the beginning believe me! We have so much to talk about! Live everyday like its your last!! #28000days” But as for the new album, it is as yet untitled and there is no announcement of a release date. She is reportedly working with Pharrell Williams, as well as her husband, Swizz Beatz.

But in the meantime, we can all take a few minutes of our 28,000 days and listen to the full audio of ’28 Thousand Days’ below!

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