Luke Bryan Talks ‘Kill the Lights’ Album, Confederate Flag, Aging and More

July 31, 2015

Luke Bryan opened up on a range of topics in a wide-ranging interview with Billboard as his ‘Kill the Lights’ album is generating a major buzz. He opened up on such disparate topics as aging and moving past his “frat boy” image to raising his late sister’s children to the controversy over the Confederate flag.

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has been making headlines for his various interviews and quotes and with Billboard, it’s no exception. His new album, ‘Kill the Lights,’ is his first since ‘Crash My Party’ of 2013. He’s considered the hottest country music star, and these days, that’s an accomplishment as there is much competition for such an accolade.

And Bryan has only been a major star for half a decade, since his rise to critical acclaim and success with each successive album, three of which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Now as his fifth album, comes out, he talks about a range of subjects with Billboard, not least his music and how it’s perceived as “frat boy” music. He said of that, “At some point, me singing about frat party themes is just not going to be realistic.”

And not least because he’s 39 years old and rapidly approaching his milestone 40th birthday. He went on to add, “But if I look like a weird old dude up onstage, I’ll be the first one to come to that realization.”

While he may have that image, he also spoke on a personal topic that belies that stereotype. He and his wife, Caroline Boyer, are raising the two sons of his sister who died at age 39 back in 2007. In 2014, her husband also died. Luke Bryan said, “You don’t want to sound like you love having them so much that you’re glad it’s the situation, but we’re honored to be doing what we feel was the right thing.”

He even ventured to weigh in on the Confederate flag controversy. After saying, “Where I grew up, I never understood the Confederate flag to be a negative thing,” he went on to note that “if Ku Klux Klan is going to walk around and turn the Confederate flag into their deal…It’s become a symbol of racism to a majority of people. And we live in a country where we have to listen to people’s opinions and work it out.”

But foremost, all eyes are on the country music superstar’s new album, ‘Kill the Lights’ and along with it, his ongoing and highly successful tour of the same title. Acknowledging his good fortune, he said, “So many people get record deals in Nashville, and they don’t ever get an album…So I just hang on to the positive and wake up everyday grinding.”

You can see the full interview at Billboard here. ‘Kill the Lights’ just might become the major country music release of this year. Anticipation and expectations are high!

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