Justin Bieber Talks New Single, ‘What Do You Mean’ and New Album (Video)

July 29, 2015

Justin Bieber announced his new single, ‘What Do You Mean’ and gave fans some tidbits on what to expect from his new album. He spoke out in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest and you can get the details and see the video right here!

Justin Bieber

Yes, the 21-year-old former teen pop music idol continues his comeback and his transition from tabloid spectacle to serious music artist. We saw some hints of that with ‘Where Are Ü Now,’ his collaboration with Jack Ü, the famed EDM duo comprised of DJ Diplo and DJ Skrillex. The well-received remix went on to become a club hit all over the world, and the tantalizing music video went viral.

Now, there’s a new song ‘What Do You mean’ due out on August 28th. Justin Bieber told Ryan Seacrest, “It’s fun, it’s summery … Definitely the first single is amazing. I worked really hard on it with a guy named Poo Bear.”

As for that title, which is sure to become atrending hashtag #WDYM, he said, “Well, girls are often just flip-floppy.” He added, “They say something and they mean something else. So … what do you mean? I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking.”

Well, there’s our explanation, and no doubt many will read into it what they will!

As for the new album, Justin Bieber revealed that he’s working with DJ Diplo and DJ Skillex once again, and that fans of their previous collaboration will like the new music. He said of it, “It’s really uplifting, clear, poppy, but cool.”

Continuing, he added, “The sounds are super expensive. Skrilex is a genius. He’s super futuristic and I just love his sound. So to be able to incorporate that sound with what I’m doing has been super cool because it’s new and fresh. I feel like no one has done it before. I’m very excited.”

It has been quite a while since Justin Bieber has released a new album. ‘Believe’ was his last full-length album, and that arrived to chart-topping international success in 2012. In the years since, he released the weekly “Journals” songs, which he himself said were autobiographical and referenced his relationship with his former girlfriend Selena Gomez, and which eventually were compiled into an album. The concert film, despite all the buildup and the hype was a box office disappointment.

But time has marched on and Justin Bieber has stayed out of the legal system and the tabloids for quite a while, and now that the apology tour is over, it looks like it’s time for the music once again!

See the pictures from Justin Bieber’s visit to On Air with Ryan Seacrest and the full interview here and see the ‘What Do You Mean’ single cover watch the video of the interview below!

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