Ashley Moore on ‘The Blade,’ Her New Album, Her Songwriting and Musical Influences

July 28, 2015

Ashley Moore talked about ‘The Blade,’ her critically acclaimed third solo album. The country music singer-songwriter and member of the Pistol Annies is emerging as a major star as she delivers performances on late night television, the Grand Ole Opry, and has announced her tour in support of the album.

Ashley Monroe

Ashley Moore’s new album arrives as country music is having a collective reality check about the state of its female artists. As such, as one who’s just released an album to near-universal critical acclaim, she’s been much in the news. She also is a mutual friend of the country music’s recently divorced super couple, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Along with Lambert, and Angaleena Presley, she is one third of the Pistol Annies trio. Of course, when she performed with Lambert at her album release party at The Basement East in Nashville she found herself at the center of the usual celebrity maelstrom that erupts when famous couple split.

But when it came to the Rolling Stone interview, it was the 28-year-old emerging star’s opportunity to speak of her album, ‘The Blade’ which was co-produced by one of country music’s legends, Vince Gill, along with Justin Niebank. With the exception of the title track, she co-wrote all of the songs.

A native of Knoxville, Tennessee she faced hardship early in life, having lost her father to cancer when she was just 13 years old. Yet, through it all, a determination to pursue her music, relocating to Nashville as a teenager, and getting a record deal with Sony music which eventually led to the release of her 2009 debut album, ‘Satisfied.’

And now, a third album is getting a huge amount of buzz and she spoke at length about it. She said of her music, “I find it extremely more challenging to write uptempo, positive songs. It does not come naturally to me. “Winning Streak,” songs like that I can write better – ones that have sad lyrics to a fast beat.”

When asked about the sense of hope in the songs, she said, “I think hope and heartbreak go hand-in-hand. “On to Something Good,” “Weight of the Load” and “Mayflowers” are all hopeful songs. In just my life alone, I look back at things I’ve gone through personally and in the business and I’m starting to see a reason for all of them.”

Continuing, she said, “Even the things that didn’t make sense at the time; even if I don’t see a reason, I can be grateful that it has led me here. Did I think this is how my career was going to go when I first signed at Sony when I was 17 years old? No, it was like, I’ll put out a record and it’ll be on the radio and I’ll get to tour.”

And yes, her musical successes may not have unfolded in rapid succession, but they are unfolding! And we are the beneficiaries as country music’s breakthrough star makes her mark.

See the full Rolling Stone interview here. Below, you can watch two of Ashley Moore’s recent performances; on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and at the Grand Ole Opry and see for yourself why s critics have been celebrating her as our next country music superstar!

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