Anthony Geary Talks ‘Luke’ of ‘General Hospital’ and Leaving the Character after 37 Years

July 27, 2015

Former ‘General Hospital’ star Anthony Geary talks about his decades of portraying the iconic Luke Spencer on the long-running soap since 1978 and how he feels about leaving the character behind. He also spoke about what he envisions for his life going forward.

Anthony Geary

The now 68-year-old actor has been known to generations now, as the Luke of “Luke and Laura” and, alongside the now 53-year-old Genie Francis who portrays Laura Spencer on the ABC daytime drama ‘General Hospital.’ Even for those who don’t follow soaps, the names Luke and Laura are typically known.

Earlier this year, he won yet another Daytime Emmy Award for his performance. He’s now got a total eight Emmys of after his 37 years on the program which, when one does the math reveals he got his start at age 32. That’s many decades of adulthood and the phases of life that go along with it. And year after year, to millions of fans, he’s been Luke Spencer.

He revealed his mixed emotions over being so closely associated with the character when he told EW, “It was once very difficult for me realize that more than likely my obituary in the paper will read, ‘Luke of Luke and Laura fame died today. It was very upsetting when I came to that realization.”

Now in an interview with the L.A. Times, he said of his departure from the show, “I feel very positive about my decision.” He added, “That’s tempered by leaving a character that has been part of me for more than half my life.”

As for that ‘Luke and Laura’ wedding of the 1980s which has found its place in television history much like the “Who Shot J.R.?” episode of ‘Dallas,’ he expressed amazement that people still talk about it saying, “Whenever I go on a talk show, they run that clip. It’s like having your high school picture dragged out every time you meet someone.” He added, “”I appreciate it was a seminal moment for daytime. But personally it was not a wonderful time for me. It’s difficult for me to appreciate it the way other people do. Plus, I had that awful ’80s ‘fro!”

He also reflected upon the challenges of that longtime portrayal, saying, “There’s very little resolution, and certainly no consequences for a character like mine.” He continued, adding, “A man who has killed people but always felt so bad about it that he was forgiven. Or the victims were bad people to begin with and his vigilantism was overlooked.”

He spoke of his future. It will certainly be different away from the constant glare of media attention, and he revealed that he’s taken some measures to ensure that by relocating to Holland where, the newspaper notes, he has owned a house for 20 years. He said, “I’ll be reinventing myself in a new place and a new language.”

The L.A. Times notes that he aspires now to perform musical comedy. There’s much, much more to read, and it’s a must for fans who are curious to know the thoughts and feelings of the man who has portrayed the soap opera icon for so many decades. See the full article here along with a few photos guaranteed to evoke nostalgia. And check out yet another interview with Anthony Geary below!

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