Charlie Puth on How He Wrote ‘See You Again,’ the Paul Walker Tribute Song in 11 Minutes (Audio)

July 26, 2015

Charlie Puth told the story behind the international smash hit, ‘See You Again,’ the Paul Walker tribute song, from the ‘Furious 7′ movie soundtrack and reveals he how wrote the song in just 11 minutes. He also delivered a powerful acoustic performance during his interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Charlie Puth

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter and producer Charlie Puth has catapulted to international fame with the Grammy-winning rapper Wiz Khalifa’s smash hit, ‘See You Again,’ as featured vocalist and co-writer with DJ Frank E and Andrew Cedar. It’s easily one of the biggest songs of the year, and certainly of this summer. Not least, also one of the most emotionally powerful and poignant as it is in remembrance of the late Paul Walker who in ‘Furious 7′ is seen on screen for the last time in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Charlie Puth told Ryan Seacrest the story of how he wrote the memorable song last summer after relocating to L.A. from his native New Jersey. He said, “I was like, ‘I wanna come out and write a song.’” He went on to note that “‘Marvin Gaye” — his solo debut single which he recorded with guest artist Meghan Trainor — was the first song he wrote.

He went on to say, “The next day, I wrote a very different song, ‘See You Again.’ Fast and Furious approached me to write something for the end of the movie because they changed the end of the movie to honor Paul Walker. I was like, ‘I could try to write something,’ because I had a friend who passed away in a car accident, so I can channel that energy since I didn’t know Paul Walker personally.”

Charlie Puth explained the amazing writing process, saying, “I just sat down and played the first chord. The first lyric just came out of me.” Continuing, he added, “And then I stopped and I looked at the guy who they put me with, the producer-DJ Frankie — and I didn’t know this guy and we had just met — and we looked at each other like we knew each other forever because he didn’t tell me that he had also just recently lost a friend too. And he said, ‘Keep going with that.'”

And, as we say, the rest is history. Only we didn’t know it had all happened in 11 minutes. Charlie Puth said in the interview that the line in the song that affected him the most was ““And every road you take will always lead you home.”

He said that for himself, after the death of his friend, “I always wanted to see him again and I was thinking when Paul died, what would Vin Diesel’s last text message be to Paul Walker. ‘I’ll tell you everything about my life when I see you again.’”

Charlie Puth said of writing the song that it gave him “little shivers” then went on to speak of the journey the song took from the moments that he wrote it to the international smash it has become. He explained how he happened to collaborate with Wiz Khalifa whom he said was on his “wish list” of artists to work with.

You can see the full interview, along with photos, here, and listen to the story in Charlie Purth’s own words in the complete audio below, along with the official music video of ‘See You Again.’

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