Demi Lovato Sizzles in ‘Cool for the Summer’ Music Video

July 23, 2015

Demi Lovato has premiered her ‘Cool for the Summer’ music video and set the Internet on fire with her many revealing outfits and suggestive dancing. The sultry clip has gone viral incredibly fast and become the talk of social media.

Demi Lovato

Yes, we may have thought the pool parties of the ‘Cool for the Summer’ lyric video were hot, but they were just a few lighted matchsticks compared to this bonfire. If one is mistaken for finding the distinction between the official lyric video and the official music video, such as we have known it since the 1980s, Demi Lovato set the record straight here.

Sure there were pool parties before, but this is a party of a major order. All of her derriere baring shots and incredibly borderline NSFW dance moves have given the Internet much fodder for gifs and memes. And once again, the former Disney star turned rehab survivor and role model has taken yet another turn, as a bona fide pop music star.

And it’s a natural evolution. She has said in interviews — as well as in some revealing Instagram pics — that she embraces her curves. At one point, experiencing some backlash after the aforementioned pool parties, she took to social media to tell the world, “showing more skin because I worked hard for this body.” And yes, once again, she is showing off that hard work, in what comes across as a celebration rather than an exploitative attempt to drive of VEVO views.

The song itself is suggestive and infectious all at once, and this music video further cements it as one of our major songs of the summer with such double entendre lines as “Got a taste for the cherry / I just need to take a bite.”

As for the album, of which this is the lead single, it’s somewhere down the road, but in the meantime we’re swept up in what we might call an eventful summer narrative!

You can see the full unedited and spirited Demi Lovato in her ‘Cool for the Summer’ music video below!

Pictures: PR Photos

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