‘Sharknado 3′ Review Roundup

July 21, 2015

Sharknado 3′ is here and Tara Reid, Ian Ziering and Cassie Scerbo are back to battle that shark-invested weather event once again. As we weigh in so do the television critics. Imagine, such a job, reviewing such a movie! But yes, they do just that. Check out a review roundup below.

Tara Reid

For the third year in a row, our new summer tradition continues. Frankly, July isn’t the same without ‘Sharknado’ and we don’t even have to imagine not having the perils of sharks surrounding us in fantastical weather events. No, this is year three and thus we get ‘Sharnado 3!’

Yes, it’s the summer movie event we are eagerly awaiting. Once again, we can indulge in our summer guilty pleasure. And this kind of cheesiness is strictly calorie free!

Once again, our familiar stars have returned. Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo, and Ian Ziering are all reprising their roles. They’re joined by newcomers. And, as always, we’ve got a spate of cameos including Bo Derek, David Hasselhoff, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, Mark Cuban, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Jerry Springer.

Yes, the critics have weighed in but the real fun begins when social media weighs in on premiere night. That’s half the fun, really, is joining in as the entire world becomes the virtual movie theater and we all collectively howl at the screen.

So just what exactly do television critics have to say of the pop cultural romp that is ‘Sharnado 3?’ Here’s a roundup.

“… Yes, it is once again the season when sharks rain from the sky. Last year’s first sequel to “Sharknado” was kind of meh, but “S3” cranks up the absurdity level to hilarious proportions…..” — New York Times

“….Perhaps this third one will exhaust the audience’s desire for sharks sliced in half by chainsaws; perhaps not. (Oh hell, no.)….” — Salon

“….The B-movie franchise’s third installment leaves a fishy taste behind. Even more than the first two…. While it’s still silly fun, you have to wonder if the whole concept–which was goofy and amusing and new two years ago–is getting, er, long in the tooth. ….” — New York Daily News

“….Resistance is futile, but at this point, watching is less a silly lark than a teeth-gnashing ordeal…..” — Variety

“….It’s more fun to watch the D-list celebs make cameo appearances than actually listen to the movie. ….” — New York Post

“…. So my advice regarding Sharknado 3: Oh God No! is simple: Gather your friends. It’s safer on multiple levels…..”– Toronto Sun

“…. The makers of Sharknado 3, including director Anthony C. Ferrante, were aiming to make a terrible movie and have succeeded brilliantly. ….” — San Francisco Chronicle

Yes, indeed, hashtags ready and waiting as the social media storm will erupt as ‘Sharnado 3′ hits the East Coast of its fictitious universe on the small screen on July 22nd. Meanwhile, check out the official trailer video below!

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