Keith Richards Announces Solo Album, ‘Crosseyed Heart,’ His First in 23 Years

July 9, 2015

Keith Richards has announced he is releasing a new solo album, ‘Crosseyed Heart. It’s the legendary Rolling Stones’ guitarist’s first solo album in 23 years, and a lead single ‘Trouble.’ Yes, that’s cause for notice!

Keith Richards

Yes, the 71 year-old-rocker has delivered a surprise. Out of nowhere came an announcement we didn’t even know we were anticipating. Keith Richards will be releasing a new solo album ‘Crosseyed Heart’ on September 18 on Republic. If it seems like it’s been a while, well, that’s because it has been. The last album from Richards was ‘Main Offender,’ released in 1992. Before that, he released his debut solo album, ‘Talk Is Cheap’ in 1988.

According to Vulture, the lead single is ‘Trouble’ due out on July 17th. In total ‘Crosseye Heart’ will have 15 tracks in total — including a variety of his perennial favorite musical genres, namely reggae, honky-tonk, blues, and rock. And there are some notable guest artists including the famed jazz vocalist Norah Jones who co-wrote the ballad “Illusion.” Also Aaron Neville will be lending backing vocals on “Nothing on Me.” Others featured will include Richards’ backing band the X-pensive Winos including guitarist Waddy Wachtel.

Vulture further notes that Keith Richards worked with his longtime collaborator, drummer Steve Jordan with whom he wrote and produced most of the tracks. Jordan also worked with him on his two previous solo albums, so that marks musical continuity over the span of nearly 30 years.

Richards said in a written statement, “There’s nothing like walking into a studio and having absolutely no idea what you’re going to come out with on the other end.”

The new album goes to show the Rolling Stones are collectively and separately going strong after more than 50 years. Their current ZIP Code stadium tour in North America is getting rave reviews which at times are peppered with critics amazement at rockers who don’t fit any known stereotypes of septuagenarians. Which just goes to show we must ditch those outmoded stereotypes!

So as the big tour winds down we have another album to look forward to. Check back for more details including the full track-listing of Keith Richards’ ‘Crosseyed Heart.’

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