Brody Jenner Talks Caitlyn Jenner, and Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick Split (VIDEO)

July 7, 2015

Brody Jenner spoke out about his relationship with Caitlyn Jenner who, as Bruce Jenner, was his father, and he also weighed in on stepsister Kourtney Kardashian’s breakup with Scott Disick in a live television interview on the Today Show.

Brody Jenner

The 31-year-old Brody Jenner was on the Today Show as part of promoting his upcoming reality TV series on E! “Sex with Brody,” but as is often the case when one is a member of a family whose life is lived before the camera, the day-to-day unfolding of real life take precedence. Yes, even with a show with a title as provocative as that!

And so it was that Jenner opened up about Caitlyn Jenner, who, as Bruce Jenner, was his father.

In his live interview with Today Show fourth-hour co-anchor Hoda Kotb he spoke with candor about his relationship with his father. He is Jenner’s son with former second wife, actress Linda Thompson.

He said, “Growing up, I really didn’t have the greatest relationship with Bruce. I didn’t see him that often. Caitlyn is just a much freer person. It’s incredible to see the difference between her and Bruce. Bruce and I just really didn’t get along to be honest. And Caitlyn, really, it’s like getting to know someone over again, but in a better way.”

He went on to recollect what those days were like, before his father transitioned, and said, “There were just a lot moments Bruce wasn’t around and I didn’t know why. And Bruce was harboring some secrets and some things none of us knew about.”

As for whether or not he will be seen in Caitlyn Jenner’s upcoming reality TV show on E! ‘I am Cait,’ he did not say definitively one way or another.

Later in the interview, when Hoda Kotb asked him, he also weighed in on his stepsister Kourtney Kardashian’s recent split with longtime boyfriend Scott Disick. He said, “Scott and Kourtney both are great. Obviously Scott’s gone through some issues in the past. He’s worked them. Honestly, when I saw those pictures, I just went ‘uht oh.’ I even showed my girlfriend and went, ‘This isn’t good.’” He went on to say, “It’s unfortunate.”

You can see the full replay video of the interview with Brody Jenner speaking about Caitlyn Jenner and more below.

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