Justin Bieber ‘Where Are Ü Now’ Music Video Leaks with Revealing Messages

June 27, 2015

Justin Bieber’s video for ‘Where Are Ü Now,’ his collaboration with Jack Ü, comprised of DJs Diplo and Skrillex, leaked online and has caused a stir with such blatant messages as “Stop Worshiping Me” and a nod to “Jelena.” It’s gone viral ahead of its official premiere.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s musical comeback got a huge nudge unexpectedly as the music video, scheduled for a full-fledged Monday premiere with much fanfare instead founds its way to the Internet on a Saturday morning thanks to an early preview that Samsung and Android users got. That is the peril of the digital age in general, and particular, when attempts to give previews backfire!

The song, which is a remix by the superstar DJs Diplo and Skrillex of Bieber’s ‘Where Are U Now’ from his “My World 2.0″ album has become an EDM hit, mixed and remixed and heard in clubs all over the world. The music video, however, gives the song and Bieber himself a whole new round of scrutiny.

It all but begs for such attention. Not just that it is one of those “trippy” videos laden with special effects — in this one, Justin Bieber is seen with messages superimposed over him, made to seem like splattered paint. And what messages! They are none too subtle. One says “Stop Worshiping Me.” But wait, there’s more! Continuing the self-castigation, we see the messages, “Please go out and find some worthy idols” and then finally, the ultimate dismissal, “Read a book.” There are a few other choice messages, largely unprintable, so one will view them in the video at one’s peril!

Yes, as music videos go, this one is well-crafted and artful, but that may be overlooked as fans in particular and the public in general fixate on the messages. But, overall, this has become the case, with Justin Bieber emerging again as a music artist instead of a tabloid mainstay, his every move is under the microscope. So, now the world has a new specimen to view.

Ahead of its premiere the video may be pulled, of course, but for now, via YouTube you can see the Justin Bieber ‘Where Are Ü Now’ video below!

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