Melissa McCarthy on Her Fashion Line Seven7, and Her Hollywood Success

June 10, 2015

Melissa McCarthy graces the cover of People magazine and talks about Seven7 her new fashion line for women, and her latest movie, ‘Spy,’ and unconventional success in Hollywood, defying odds and expectations.

Melissa McCarthy

The 44-year-old actress has forged her place her way among Hollywood’s A list. Having risen up the ranks from sitcom star with ‘Mike & Molly’ she has been among the few to have made the transition to major box office movie star. And beyond that, she has defied stereotyping and expectations and become perhaps an unlikely star. Last year it was ‘Heat’ opposite Sandra Bullock, and this year, it’s ‘Spy’ opposite Jason Statham. As they say, the hits keep on coming, not least, the much anticipated sequel of Ghostbusters opposite Kristen Wiig which is on the way.

Now she tells People magazine of her passion for her new venture, fashion design and her new clothing line Seven7. We quickly discover that she is not just another star with a fashion line on the side for branding and revenue’s sake. Melissa McCarthy reveals a lifelong passion for fashion and design — even studying it in college until dropping out to pursue comedy. Thus all the remarkable that her immense fame is not even in her original and long-desired field.

She told People, “From grade school until age 20, I had one thought in my head, which was doing women’s clothing. To get to come back to it, is kind of crazy. It’s pretty dreamy.”

She went on to open up about Seven7, her fashion line, which will feature clothing in sizes 4 to 28 and said it is reflective of her own preferences and tastes. She said, “You look much better when you’re comfy.”

She also spoke of how her passion for fashion influenced her acting career. She said, “I just think that wigs and makeup and costumes completely transform me.” She continued, saying, ‘When I read a character that I really, really love, I know immediately what they look like. It’s like I want to 100 percent become that person.”

She also expressed her enthusiasm for comedy and how it has changed over the years, and that it’s no longer expected that a comic actor must “look crazy,” in her words. She said, “I just think we’ve gotten rid of, luckily, a lot of those guidelines.” She elaborated and said, “Funny is funny and it can come in 8 billion different shades and flavors, so I think it’s silly to kind of limit it.”

And indeed this sometimes oppressive, fat shaming world we live in, Melissa McCarthy has fared well, earning respect for her abilities and showing that yes, such success does not have to remain an elusive dream. She’s also among those in Hollywood who has maintained a quiet and peaceful home life, free of fodder for tabloid drama, with her husband, the 41-year-old actor and director Ben Falcone, and their two daughters. He recently co-directed her in the movie ‘Tammy’ and co-wrote the script with her.

You can see more of the Melissa McCarthy People magazine interview and the cover photo here.

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