Leona Lewis Talks Leaving Simon Cowell’s Label, New Music, and ‘I Am’ Album

June 8, 2015

Leona Lewis opens up about leaving Simon Cowell and his Syco label, and what it has meant for her music and her new album, ‘I Am.’ She speaks about the kind of music she is now recording and confirms lyrics in one of the songs that refer to Cowell.

Leona Lewis

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Leona Lewis until very recently with the sudden and exciting premiere of the single, ‘Fire Under My Feet’ and its music video all of the same day. Time marches on, and the 30-year-old X Factor champion and international music star had not released an album since her 2013 album, ‘Christmas.’

Much has happened since her X Factor UK victory which initially launched the powerhouse singer’s career which then catapulted to the stratosphere with her now iconic hit ‘Bleeding Love’ which became a worldwide sensation and the bestselling single of 2008.

But alas, that was many years ago. But the exciting news is that Leona Lewis is back, having left Simon Cowell and his SYCO label at Sony. She’s now got a new record deal at Island Records which will release her new album in September.

Billboard reports on the well-attended listening session of the new album, and quotes Leona Lewis saying that she “felt stifled” with Simon Cowell’s record label notably after she was expected to record an entire album of covers songs. Of the new album, of original songs, she told the attendees that it was about “me finding my own power again.”

Billboard notes that reportedly the album’s title track has lyrics which speak of her departure from Syco. While the song could allude to a romantic relationship, when looked at within this particular context, they certainly raise eyebrows: “I am somebody without you / I am free without you / I am stronger without you.” As of yet, however, Leona Lewis has neither confirmed or denied the speculation.

However, on the contrary, a video interview, she told Digital Spy she said that the song “Thunder” which appears on the album is the one with “the most revealing lyric” and she went on to say “The story behind ‘Thunder’ definitely has references to my experience with Syco and Simon [Cowell] and the whole situation I was involved in.”

She also said, “With this album, I feel I have total, total ownership.” She went on to say that with previous albums and songs she had “fought very hard” and that “this time it’s been literally me on my own.”

She said of the new music that “people will get a real version of me.” She went on to say her new music is about “”building yourself up” and “not letting your past define you.” The video interview is below along with Leona Lewis’ ‘Fire Under My Feet’ music video.

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