Adam Lambert Praises Caitlyn Jenner, Talks Dating, New Album, American Idol and More

June 7, 2015

Adam Lambert praises Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover, opens up on being single again and dating closeted actors,and much more including — of course! — his new album, ‘The Original High.’ The famed Glam rock singer has much to say.

Adam Lambert

Yes, the 33-year-old rocker and American Idol alum is back on the scene! His return has been long awaited. After all, his last album was released three years ago; ‘Trespassing,’ in 2012. Since then, he’s been touring with legendary rockers Queen, standing in for the late great iconic Freddie Mercury as the group’s lead vocalist.

But now, Adam Lambert back as a solo artist and, as always, very candid in interviews. He spoke at length with various publications on a range of topics. So much to say it took multiple media outlets to capture it!

Fortunately we’ve rounded up some of the spicier quotes right here!

Adam Lambert spoke with Billboard and weighed in on Caitlyn Jenner’s historic unveiling in the Vanity Fair magazine cover story and photo shoot. He called the cover image “very romantic” and went on to say, “Annie Leibowitz is an amazing photographer and the photos are beautiful.”

And as one trailblazer speaking of another, he had high praise. Yes, it’s only been a few years, but Adam Lambert was the first openly gay music artist to top the Billboard 200 back in 2012. My times have changed in these past three years.

So Adam Lambert had much to say of Jenner, praising her for “taking the fear away from the trans movement.” He elaborated, saying, “The power that Caitlyn has is that she can show and teach everybody what transition is from start to finish. I think it’s pretty amazing.”

He spoke with the UK Mirror about dating and his past history. He said, “I dated some actors but they weren’t famous. In my single Ghost Town I’m referring to how LA and the industry can really take its toll.”

He continued, saying, “Actors and entertainers can’t be open about their sexuality and it’s hard to live that life. It’s difficult to date someone who’s so worried about their reputation.” He added, “I don’t think I could date anyone in the closet again.”

As for his dating life now, he confirmed he is not on Tinder. He said, “s: “I can’t do dating apps. The magic happens for me when you flirt in real-life. Once I’ve had a few tequilas, I’m a good flirt.”

And yes, in the days leading up to the much anticipated ‘The Original High,’ his first album in what seems like much, much too long — and his first with his new record label, Warner Bros. — he shared his thoughts on his musical evolution, in an interview with Next Magazine.

He said, “I wanted to take away a lot of the theatrics that I’m known for and just be a little bit more real—not so much of a character.”

He continued, saying, “Coming off of a show like Idol, I ended up being put in the category of the ‘rock ’n’ roll’ guy, so I was doing a lot of rock music.”

He went on to speak of his sophomore album, “Trespassing, and said of it, “I did kind of reflected this funk pop thing I was feeling at the time.”

He went on to explain that in ‘The Original High, “I wanted it to feel authentic to my social life. It’s also nostalgic, in a way, for the ’90s.”

And asked about the cancellation of American Idol next year in what will be the show’s 16th and final season, he said, “I’m very thankful for that show. It obviously put me on the map. I’ve gone back on the show every year since I was on it. It’s always like a little homecoming.”

And yes, as noted, so much has happened since that season that saw him become the runner up, as Kris Allen was crowned the winner and there was so much speculation that America was just not ready for a gay American Idol. He was not “openly gay” in the formal sense — he had his own “official” coming out after the end of the season in a cover story for “Rolling Stone.”

And now, as time marches on, and we witness society’s acceptance expanding, so too do we welcome Adam Lambert back with a new album and no fanfare over his sexuality any more. Yes, we’ve come a long way even as the journey is never, never over!

Check yet another lively interview with Adam Lambert below!

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