Jessica Alba Covers Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women Issue, Talks Honest, Her Billion Dollar Company

May 30, 2015

Jessica Alba graces the cover of Forbes magazine’s America’s Richest Self-Made Women issue and, with The Honest Company, valued at $1 billion, she has secured a place on a highly coveted list of outstanding entrepreneurs. The actress continues to receive recognition for her continuing achievement at the helm of a company that produces and sells a variety of eco-friendly consumer products.

 Jessica Alba

The 34-year-old may have gotten her start as an actress, but now, its none other than Forbes magazine celebrating her achievement and dubbing her a “movie star turned mogul” in an article entitled, How Jessica Alba Built A $1 Billion Company, And $200 Million Fortune, Selling Parents Peace Of Mind.” Yes, she has successfully made a transition from the usual Cosmo and Harper’s cover to the realm of business magazines.

She is president and co-founder of The Honest Company, which has grown from a VC-backed startup to an enterprise that now employs more than 300 people. She co-founded the company with Christopher Gavigan and Brian Lee. She tells Forbes of the impetus for the company was an unsettling experience in 2008 after she washed some onsies she’d received at a baby shower when she was pregnant with her first child with husband Cash Warren, an Internet entrepreneur. The baby detergent caused her to break out in red welts. It was reminiscent of her childhood which saw her in and out of doctors’ offices and hospital emergency rooms due to various allergies as well as asthma.

She told Forbes of her Internet search as she tried to find out the ingredients of detergents and a variety of household products which her child would be exposed to. She said, “I was like, ‘How can this be safe for babies if I’m having this type of reaction?’” She went on to speak of making disconcerting discovery that safe alternatives were not widely available, and instead, there were products filled with potentially dangerous petrochemical and substances.

She said, “I felt like my needs weren’t being met as a modern person…I want beautiful design like everybody else. But it shouldn’t be premium-priced, and it should, of course, be safe.”

Honest the company was an outgrowth of this search; she began working with Christopher Gavigan who has spent seven years at the helm of the nonprofit organization Healthy Child Healthy World as they created a company that would meet a need for parents and others looking for a full range of safe, eco-friendly products.

Forbes goes on to note how the company came about and that through it all, by 2011 Jessica Alba herself was such an expert on toxic household and personal care products that was lobbying in Washington for change. The article goes on to note her concerns about the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act. Little known to the public this law has enabled more than 80,000 chemicals to remain untested in various household products.

Jessica Alba told Forbes, “Enough people have to get sick or die from a certain ingredient or chemical before it’s pulled from the marketplace.”

It further underscores why her company Honest has been so resonant with consumers who, as was she, are concerned about such untested chemicals and not particularly keen on being human guinea pigs.

The article goes on to detail the growth of the company, through venture capital, and producing a successful non-toxic, eco-friendly diaper line as the product line expanded to include household products and personal care products.

A success story for sure, as it continues to unfold, much to the gratitude of consumers who’ve been crying out for such non-toxic and safe products. And yes, a remarkable story, which reads with much of the suspense and excitement of a movie script, and you can see the full article here along with several photos of Jessica Alba at the Honest Company headquarters.

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