Mariah Carey Blasts American Idol, Calls it “Boring” and “Fake” (Full Audio)

May 28, 2015

Mariah Carey has harsh words American Idol, calling the show “the worst experience of my life” and “so boring and so fake” and much more. Her comments, which you can hear in their entirety below, have quickly gone viral. It’s clear she’s not among those paying tribute to the TV talent competition show which ends after its 15th and final season next year.

Mariah Carey

The 45-year-old superstar diva was a judge on season 12 of American Idol, alongside Nicki Minaj with whom she was often at odds with. Filling out the panel that year were longtime former judge, (and her former music director and bass player), Randy Jackson, as well as current judge Keith Urban.

Mariah Carey opened up during a live radio interview on the “Kyle & Jackie O Show” on KIIS-FM 106 5 in Australia. She began, saying, “I mean, it’s so boring and so fake. I’m sorry, I just think it’s, you know, when I say it’s fake, I mean, it’s just like, you have to make up things to say about people. Half the time, the performances are good, you just be like ‘It was good.’ You just feel like ending it there, like, ‘It’s really good.'”

She was asked about the apparent feud she was embroiled in with Nicki Minaj and she said, “I’m not gonna get into what it was, but let’s just say I don’t think they had any intentions for us to have a good experience doing that show…pinning two females against each other wasn’t cool.”

She continued, saying, “It should have been about the contestants instead of being about some non-existent feud that turned into like more ridiculousness and I would never want to be involved with it again. But everybody else can like it!”

Asked if she would ever appear on the show in its final season if there is a reunion, she said, “Hell, no! Absolutely not, that was the worst experience of my life.”

Her comments are in sharp contrast with the largely laudatory remarks of nearly everyone associated with the show who have ventured to make public comments. But it is also not the first time she has had such a stinging rebuke of the show. In a previous interview, on New York City radio station Hot 97, she said that being on American Idol was “like going to work every day in hell with Satan.” So it’s clear time has not softened her memories of those days.

The entire interview with Mariah Carey blasting American Idol is below via the video!

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