Meghan Trainor Kicks off Today Show Concert Series (Video, Photo)

May 22, 2015

Meghan Trainor performed on the Today Show at The Plaza kicking off the summer concert series with ‘All About that Bass’ and the rest of her hit songs. Missed it? No worries! Relive the moment in video and photos right here!

Meghan Trainor

Her live performance on The Plaza at Rockefeller Center in New York City, kicked off the twentieth year of concerts which first began in the summer of 1995 with Earth Wind & Fire. With perfect weather conditions, 20 years later, Meghan Trainor took to the stage to deliver a concert her fans will remember as the video and the images quickly went viral on social media.

And yet, less than a year ago we did not know who she was. Now she has an iconic anthemic song that’s given many people hope and encouragement. ‘All About that Bass’ is more than just a catchy pop tune, after all. It’s a celebration of self-acceptance with such lyrics as “my mama she said don’t worry about your size.”

In fact, in her performance of the song, she was joined by the now famous Dancing Man, Sean O’Brien of Liverpool, UK. Initially bullied on social media for his size, he caught the attention of activist Cassandra Fairbanks who spearheaded a campaign and won him an international following of fans, numbering among them many celebrities including Pharrell Williams who are throwing him a party in L.A. But first, there was the party at The Plaza; you can see that video along with the rest below.

At age 21, Meghan Trainor has done our pop culture a huge favor with ‘All About that Bass’ alone. And yet, she’s just getting started! From her perspective it must be quite whirlwind; after all, her major-label debut album, titled ‘Title,’ was released in January and among her musical collaborators, none other than John Legend who, along with rapper Common, just won a Best Song Oscar for ‘Glory.’ She teamed up with him for the duet ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’ on the album.

Not bad for someone who a year ago at this time was just another unknown artist, albeit one who had gotten her start at age six and by the time she was 15 had already self-released an album.

Along with the exciting performance, Meghan Trainor was also interviewed and spoke about her much-anticipated M Train Tour; the North American leg kicks off in July and runs through the summer. But first she graced morning television with a mini-concert — her aforementioned ‘All About that Bass’ and ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’ along with her other hits, ‘Dear Future Husband’ and ‘Lips Are Moving.’

You can see more pictures from Meghan Trainor’s Today Show live concert performance and watch the video below!

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‘All About that Bass’

‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’

‘Lips Are Moving’

‘Dear Future Husband’


Pictures: PR Photos

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