Taylor Swift: ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video: Star-Studded Epic Premieres at Billboard Music Awards

May 17, 2015

Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ music video had its premiere at the Billboard Music Awards and you can see it right here! The star-studded epic ‘Sin City’ style cinematic romp is something to behold, as the pop music superstar gets a little help from the likes of Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, Kendrick Lamar, Gigi Hadid and many others.

Taylor Swift

Yes, not only did the music video have its world premiere at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, but it opened the show. After weeks of anticipation and multiple teasers of various kinds — from sexy character posters of some of the costars to tantalizing rumors and hints on social media — finally the full music video. The song itself had already generated quite a buzz as it’s widely rumored to reference Taylor Swift’s rivalry with fellow pop star Katy Perry.

Directed by Joseph Kahn who also directed her ‘Blank Space’ music video, it is very much a mini-movie full of high tech CGI special effects. It’s like Mad Max playing out in a futuristic office building. And the co-stars all portraying some extreme, film noiresque characters.

The song is racing its way up the charts meanwhile; it’s the remix version which features rapper Kendrick Lamar who’s among those seen on screen; he portrays Welvin Da Great.

As for the rest of the cast, let’s say, it’s quite a roll call and includes the following, along with their colorful characters: Selena Gomez as Arsyn, Lena Dunham as Lucky Fiori, Zendaya as Cut-Throat, Lily Aldrige as FrostByte, Jessica Alba as Domino, Paramore’s Hayley Williams as The Crimson Curse, Gigi Hadid as Slay, Ellie Goulding as Destructa X, Hailee Steinfeld as The Trinity, Karlie Kloss as Knockout, Serayah as Dilemma, Martha Hunt as HomeSlice, Ellen Pompeo as Luna, Mariska Hargitay as Justice, Cara Delevingne as Mother Chucker, and Cindy Crawford as Headmistress.

We probably much harken back several years to Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ music video and the hype and fanfare, and controversy, it swept in. But this time around we’ve got lots and lots and lots of costars!

And Taylor Swift the erstwhile country-pop sweetheart is now firmly rooted in her new pop music legacy. If there were still any doubters, they should be thoroughly convinced by now. Yes, she’s in the midst of her 1989 world tour and she has the most Billboard Music Award nominations of any artist this year; a total of 14.

Watch the amazing thrill ride that is the Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ music video below!

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