Louis C.K. SNL Host, Season 40 Finale: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

May 17, 2015

Louis C.K. was host of Saturday Night Live Season 40 finale. As usual, the ‘Louie’ star was the fearless comedian we have come to expect, and once again, he’s got social media and news outlets abuzz. But what did the television critics have to say? Check out a roundup of reviews and see some video highlights right here!

Louis CK

If Louis C.K. is the host, the question posed is always this: Did he go to far? If that question isn’t being asked, we can imagine the comedian might believe he did not adequately do his job.

So here we are, yet again, with Louis C.K. as SNL host for the third time, and, yes, yet again, that question is being asked!

In his last appearance on the iconic Studio 8H and delivered a blistering eight-minute standup comedy routine on such seemingly off limit topics as God envisioned as a single father. This time around, he didn’t shy away from yet another round of hot-button issues. This time he began by declaring himself to have “mild racism.”

To prove his assertion, he began by saying, “I grew up in the ’70s, so I’m not racist. However, I do have mild racism. I’ll give you an example. If I go to a pizza place I’ve never been to before and it’s run by four black women, I’ll go, ‘Hmm.’ It’s very mild.”

He went on speak about his children, saying, “My kids are like Israel and Palestine and I’m like America.” And, it went on from there with a politically incorrect extended metaphor of the sort that only Louis CK would attempt.

Finally to wrap up his monologue he spoke about the child molester in the neighborhood he grew up in and launched into some rumination over how “tenacious” such molesters are. Again, probably not everyone’s top-of-mind subject matter for a comedy routine. But then again not everyone is Louis C.K.!

This being the full swing of the 2016 Presidential election, this rather edgy and much buzzed-about monologue was preceded by Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton zealously pursuing hapless would-be voters on their summer vacation.

The remainder of the show had its strong moments and its weak ones such as we have come to expect of SNL. Critics have spoken and here’s a roundup.

“….Unfortunately, [Louis CK’s] sketches were extremely tame by comparison. The edgiest bit featured CK as a Sprint employee who made fun of the way his manager, a stereotypical sassy black woman, talked. When the manager caught him, CK’s character pretended to actually talk that way just to keep his job and as a result, had to keep up the ruse for five years. Two shorts featuring CK as a tearful lumberjack also garnered big laughs…..” — The Wrap

“….Best Sketch: “Monologue”. This was an episode where a lot of material was fine but very little truly soared.
Read more at http://www.hitfix.com/monkeys-as-critics/recap-saturday-night-live-nil-louis-ck-and-rihanna#OxWzMrUMsD8oGMOL.99 ….” — Hitfix

“….When you get Louis CK (here hosting for the third time), you’re looking for a great monologue, and, again, CK delivered, with a solid seven minutes that went to some audacious places (audience gasps followed by huge laughs is a sound SNL needs more of). …..” — AV Club

“…In the end, this was a solid episode. We laughed a lot, but given that this is the finale, we probably expected a little more star power and overall “wow” moments. Grade: B-. ….” — CarterMatt

“….The good news is that C.K. took some big risks right from the get-go — thank goodness, there was some genuine comic payoff in his extended flights of fancy about “mild racism” and child molesters (the latter of which has drawn some criticism) — and even the sketches that didn’t quite gel at least had interesting concepts….” — TV Line

Louis C.K. has done it yet again, as critics agree. Third time was a charm, even if the entire episode didn’t quite hit the mark of his monologue. And the comic is well on his way to joining the august ranks of the Five-Timers Club even as the history 40th season of SNL comes to a close. Watch highlights below from last night’s show!

Cold Open


The Shoemaker and the Elves

This Is How I Talk

Weekend Update

Digital Short – Louis and Bruce

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