David Duchovny ‘Hell or High Water’ Album Review Roundup

May 12, 2015

‘Hell or High Water’ is David Duchovny’s debut studio album. ‘The X-Files’ star has made his first venture as a music artist and critics have largely given him positive reviews. Check out a roundup of what they have to say.

David Duchovny

Being known as an actor, and venturing out to achieve recognition as a music artist is not without its perils. Obviously, being an unknown hopeful would-be music star among untold millions in the world is a tough circumstance, but being known — indeed pigeonholed — in the public mind is yet another tough circumstance.

For David Duchovny perhaps all the more so as he is already known for an iconic role in an iconic television series, turned movie franchise. Yes, to this day, to many he is known as FBI Agent Fox Muldar of ‘The X-Files’ opposite Gillian Anderson’s Agent Dana Scully. And similarly, to others, as the author Hank Moody of ‘Californication.’

Now it’s time to take a new look at David Duchovny as a singer, guitarist and songwriter and for that matter, as an emerging Renaissance man. He has just recently become a first-time novelist with the publication of ‘Holy Cow.’ His literary forays are not new and in fact, are Ivy-league certified so to speak, as he had a BA in English literature from Princeton as well as a master’s degree Yale. But he has arrived at much much later in life and he’s arriving with much fanfare, as he has defied low expectations of an actor becoming a music artist.

That’s the general tone of many of the reviews; critics are surprised. Here’s a roundup.

“….And, to his credit, he knows his way around a meat-and-potatoes chord progression. Opener “Let It Rain” and the more Western Swing-leaning single “Another Year” both have a likable roots rock directness akin to latter-day Wilco and R.E.M., two bands that Duchovny cited as influences while recording. Likewise, closer “Positively Madison Avenue” rolls along with muscle that feels custom-built to soundtrack bar chatter. It thankfully lacks the theatrical pretension found in other actor-fronted bands like, say, 30 Seconds to Mars….” — Consequence of Sound

“…The “X-Files” actor can sound Dylanesque – but in a Jakob, not a Bob, sense. He has the kind of husky tone that would allow him to get away with talking his way through the songs. Yet, he can hold a note long enough to give him some pop chops…..” — New York Daily News

Critics have had their say, and indeed the David Duchovny has survived mostly unscathed. Listen to him sing the title track of the album, ‘Hell or High Water,’ below!

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