Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Talk AC2 Tour, Their Failed Blind Date and More

April 18, 2015

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen talked about their AC2 Tour, why their blind date back in the 1990s failed, and more in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. The CNN news anchor and the Bravo ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ also weighed in on a variety of pop culture and news topics.

Anderson Cooper Andy Cohen

It may seem like an odd pairing, the CNN broadcast journalist particularly known for reporting in disaster zones and war zones, and the WWHL host and executive producer of ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise on Bravo. But that’s much of the appeal, the clash of two seemingly disparate worlds. The AC2 Tour started in March and continues through June, hitting a total of four cities: Boston, Miami Beach, Chicago and Atlanta.

And what can the audience expect? In the live broadcast of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Anderson Cooper told the eponymous host, “We both try to embarrass each other as much as possible…We bring props and pieces of tape to embarrass each other.”

He went on to add, “It’s really kind of an intimate conversation behind-the-scenes [of the] world of pop culture and world events. So we call it ‘Deep Talk and Shallow Tales.’”

Cooper also explained how the tour came about, saying, ““I did an interview with Andy for his second book that came out at 92nd Street Y here in New York.” He went on to note, “It was so much fun. The audience had so much fun we thought, ‘You know what? We should just kind of take this on the road. We had a show in Boston with like 3500 people and it got a great review.”

It’s a rather pricy night, ranking right up there with the cost of a concert of any of the hottest music artists right now. But there’s clearly an audience for this live and unscripted performance on stage, as opposed to the confines of the small screen and cable television and video on demand.

Certainly the personalities are larger than life, and from reviews of critics and the social media chatter, they are definitely delivering.

In the interview with Ryan Seacret, the two men also talked about their almost blind date in the 1990s that did not go over so well. Cooper said of it, “We had a phone conversation and we both realized by the end of the phone conversation that there was no way that we would even go out on a date.” He went on to said, “I don’t know on his part. On my part, he was very enthusiastic about things. I’m a wasp, I like to suppress all my emotions.”

For his part, Andy Cohen said, “I probably — and I’m going to sound very pathetic admitting this — but I was probably more into it than Anderson was now that I think about it.”

This begs the question, naturally. Would there be a date now in the 2010s? To which Cohen said, “The invitation has been long rescinded.”

You can hear the full audio of the interview here as Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen talk about the AC2 Tour and hot topics of the day!

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