Suzanne Somers Talks Husband Alan Hamel and How She Saved Her Marriage

April 15, 2015

Suzanne Somers graces the cover of Closer Weekly magazine and opens up about her marriage to husband Alan Hamel and how the marriage almost ended, over their struggles to have a harmonious home life; their ‘step-family hell’ in her words.

Suzanne Somers was the latest star to be eliminated from season 20 of Dancing with the Stars, with professoinal partner Tony Dovolani (video below). Her ninth place finish on the show has brought her some newfound attention and more fans. In recent years, the 68-year-old television icon has been known for her brave advocacy for natural approaches to health and wellness, most recently her latest bestselling book, “I’m Too Young For This!: The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perienopause.”

But this time around, the subject is not health and wellness. She opens up about her family life and how her marriage of 38 years to husband Alan Hamel (photos below) almost didn’t survive. Prior to marrying Hamel in 1978, she was married in the 1960s and has a son, now 50 years old, from that prior marriage.

She spoke with candor on all of this, for Closer Weekly’s cover story about her, “How I Saved My Marriage.” And from what, the question is begged. It was not infidelity, but instead the almost insurmountable difficulties she faced as the stepmother of her husband’s two teenaged sons.

She said, “The unwillingness to accept a new parent put a strain on everyone.” She went on to elaborate, saying, “Step-mothers have a much more challenging time than stepfathers because biological mothers often make the children aware they cannot have ‘another mother.”

She went on to point out the vastly different culture and society of the late 1970s saying, “At the time, speaking about divorce was a new phenomenon. Blending families was even newer. No one had any rules…No one wants a new mother – everyone wants their own mother.”

She said, “In that first decade, yes, we did argue. We did have huge fights but it was always over protective feelings towards our own individual children.’

Explaining how she and her husband were able to salvage their marriage, she said, “It wasn’t until we went into therapy as a family that we were able to find peace.” She added, “True healing takes time. You can’t fake it. Feelings must be real. But it was through therapy that we learned to dig deep inside each of us to find what it was that was holding us back.”

There’s much more to the interview as she speaks about the journey she and her husband had to undertake to become the happy and affectionate couple we have so often seen on the red carpet.

You can see more excerpts of the Suzanne Somers’ ‘Closer Weekly’ magazine interview along with the cover photo here.

Photos: Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel

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