Ant-Man Full-Length Trailer # 1 Starring Paul Rudd

April 13, 2015

The first full-length Ant-Man trailer has debuted! Paul Rudd is the Marvel superhero and alter ego Scott Lang mentored by scientist Dr. Henry Pym in Edgar Wright’s highly anticipated big screen adaptation of the classic comic series.

Ant-Man’s arrival on the silver screen is long, long overdue and much anticipated. And, as such, it is Paul Rudd (‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,’ ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’) who brings the iconic character of Ant-Man of the Marvel comic books into a movie franchise debut. At least one hopes it will be a franchise, such as we have seen with the likes of Wolverine and Spiderman. And in this case, with Ant-Man as a member of The Avengers we have many potential opportunities to see him crop up in other movies.

The movie pays homage to the original Ant-Man, the scientist Dr. Henry Pym, portrayed by Michael Douglas, and sees him as the mentor of the thief, Scott Lang. It’s refreshing, after all, to have a scientist as a superhero, and all the more so, to watch him pass on the legacy to a reformed criminal. “I believe you deserve a shot at redemption,” Dr. Pym tells Lang.

And with that, a superhero is born. Nothing like having one’s superpowers concocted in the laboratory. We can all imagine the advantages of becoming microsized at will and the trailer shows us just a few of them.

Too often we’ve seen franchises become derailed as they wander into CGI special effects territory and forget that moviegoers would also like a well-rounded characters, and an involving plot! In the trailer we witness the passing of the torch as Scott Lang becomes Ant-Man and assuming his diminutive size goes to battle with the arch villain, Yellowjacket, portrayed by Corey Stoll.

The trailer, as is typical, generates excitement, and let’s hope it will be sustained throughout the movie. Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man has all the right ingredients for success, and we certainly hope they are well mixed and not overbaked.

Ant-Man costars include Bobby Cannavale, Judy Greer, T.I. and Michael Pena. The movie opens in theaters on July 17th. The first full-length Ant-Man trailer is below!

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