Madonna Does Standup Comedy, Sings ‘Holiday’ with Classroom Instruments on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

April 10, 2015

Madonna took over The Tonight Show, making her standup comedy debut, performing her ’80s classic ‘Holiday’ on classroom instruments with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, and delivering some memorable moments in a wide-ranging interview. She also performed ‘B*Itch I’m Madonna’ from ‘Rebel Heart.’ Missed it? Fear not! We have the videos right here!


Madonna quite literally took over The Tonight Show, and in the hours following, social media as well. There is much to buzz about after her appearance on the show. After all, with Jimmy Fallon at the helm of the iconic show, we’ve seen all kinds of buzzworthy moments and viral videos arise.

Well, where to begin this time? We’ve seen Madonna as a music artist, as a filmmaker, as a provocateur in general. But in all these years we’ve never seen her do standup comedy. Until now, that is. After Jimmy Fallon gave her a mock-serious introduction (“… making her stand-up comedy debut tonight, from Bay City, Michigan, the very funny Madonna…”) she took to the stage just as would any bona fide comedian.

In her routine she mocked her famous penchant for boy toys and She said her 28-year-old date asked her if Picasso had also painted the Mona Lisa. “We broke up,” she quipped.

Later she noted, “there is an upside to dating younger guys, that is they’re really good with phones.”

In her interview, she spoke about her children who she said call her “uncool” and who tell her that she “can’t be basic.” She also said that while on her first tour she made out with Ad-Rock of Beastie Boys, who were her tour mates.

As for that ‘B*tch I’m Madonna’ performance, the Queen of Pop once again proved that she is up-to-the moment in trends. She was decked out gangsta style, rocking gold chains, a gold grill, and other such necessary bling. Alongside her backup dancers, she proved once again why she’s been a top touring artist for decades.

Her performance lit up Twitter as many expressed their excitement and enthusiasm.

You can see the entire replay of Madonna’s takeover of The Tonight Show’ below!

Standup comedy debut

‘Holiday’ with Classroom Instruments


“B*Itch I’m Madonna”

Pictures: PR Photos

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