Candice Bergen Talks Weight, Food, and ‘I Am Fat’ Comments (VIDEO)

April 8, 2015

Candice Bergen talked about her comments on her weight and body size in her memoir ‘Fine Romance’ and the headlines she inadvertently generated. The iconic ‘Murphy Brown’ star covered this and other topics in a wide-ranging interview on the Today Show

 Candace Bergen

The 68-year-old television legend turns 69 in May and describes herself as “almost 69 but not yet 70.” She has not been in the news lately. But all it takes these days, it seems, is in her words, “a scant reference on page 150 or something.” Ah, but what a reference. It’s nestled in the 350 or so pages of her newly published book, ‘Fine Romance.’

She said in the book, ““Let me just come right out and say it: I am fat.” And she didn’t stop at that, she elaborated and wrote, “In the past 15 years … I have put on 30 pounds.” And yes, there was even more. She said, “I live to eat. None of this ‘eat to live’ stuff for me. No carb is safe — no fat either.”

In the live Today Show interview, she reflected upon all the attention those few sentences brought her, and said, “”I was just saying, I don’t enjoy eating lunch with some women who only have kale. I just find it limiting.” She added, “I’d rather not go on, if that’s what I have to eat to fuel myself.”

She went on to make clear that she was not adverse to losing weight and said, “”I’m very comfortable. I mean, would I love to lose 10, 15 pounds? Absolutely. But I just haven’t taken the steps to do it.”

Candice Bergen also spoke on that other hot-button topic in the entertainment world, aging, and the difficulties actresses have in getting roles as they grow older. She said, “I’m on the older margin these days. I play mothers; mothers of old men, by the way! It’s so sort of distressing. But yeah, I feel free, frankly, pretty much across the board.”

Bergen also spoke about the main focus of her new memoir ‘Fine Romance,’ namely, the birth of her daughter, Chloe, the topic which, with all the uproar over her “fat” declaration has almost been lost. As always, it remains to be seen if a quoted paragraph that sparks massive international media television results in a New York Times bestseller.

You can see Candace Bergen’s full interview below!

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