Madonna Covers Cosmopolitan’s 50th Anniversary Issue, Talks Sexism

April 6, 2015

Madonna graces the cover of Cosmopolitan’s 50th anniversary issue, and speaks out on sexism, cyber bullies and more. The Queen of Pop graced the magazine’s 25th anniversary issue and she returns again, this time dressed as a dominatrix, and ever the pop cultural icon.


Picking Madonna for a 50th anniversary issue was a masterstroke on Cosmopolitan’s part to mark it another landmark issue. After more than 30 years, and now with the release of a 13th studio album, ‘Rebel Heart’ the Queen of Pop remains just that. As others have had their heyday in the 1980s, 1990s, the 2000s or the 2010, Madonna has had her heyday in all of these decades.

She was certainly in her heyday back in 1990 for the 25th anniversary, and now in the second decade of a new century, she’s going strong, at age 56. Surprisingly in retrospect, it was also the last time she was on the cover of the magazine.

She spoke about of her own longevity with Cosmo saying, ““Popularity comes and goes. You need to know who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re here.”

And, as is always the case, with her candor, she is a lightning rod for controversy. She speaks out with Cosmo about sexism, saying, “Don’t be fooled, not much has changed – certainly not for women. We still live in a very sexist society that wants to limit people.”

Reflecting on her own experience, she added, “Since I started, I’ve had people giving me a hard time because they didn’t think you could be sexual or have sexuality or sensuality in your work and be intelligent at the same time. For me, the fight has never ended.”

She also spoke out about cyber bullies, Internet and social media trolls that sadly are so pervasive these days. She said, ““You can hide behind your computer or your phone and say whatever you want – you’re not known. Could you say it to my face? Would you say it to my face? I doubt it.”

You can see Madonna’s Cosmopolitan magazine 50th anniversary cover and more interview excerpts — along with the 1990 25th anniversary cover here.

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