‘Glee’ Series Finale: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

March 21, 2015

Glee’ came to a conclusion in a two-hour series finale. Emotional and memorable it has divided fans and critics alike. A proper sendoff or not? Here’s a roundup of TV critics’ review along with video highlights.

Lea Michelle

Yes, after six seasons on FOX, Ryan Murphy’s musical comedy-drama ‘Glee’ has come to its series finale. The cast of characters so familiar to us will now live on in memories and in syndication after its debut in 2009 and its rise to pop culture fixture status as we all came to know the students of William McKinley High of Lima, Ohio, and its famed New Directions.

Minus the late Cory Monteith who portrayed Flinn, the cast was reassembled for the two-hour journey which was a literal time traveling journey through time, back to the previous decade, 2009 when the show began. We saw our favorites New Directions members, including Rachel (Lea Michele), Kurt (Chris Colfer), Artie (Kevin McHale) Mercedes (Amber Riley), and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz). Also Will a.k.a. Mr Shue (Matthew Morrison) and Sue (Jane Lynch).

Much has changed in our pop cultural landscape since the first season of ‘Glee’ which established the show as a groundbreaking and a landmark. Certainly it offered role models and solace for teens and others who are seen as different or odd for their passion and pursuit of music in particular and the arts in general.

But now, fast forward, we are halfway through the next decade, in the 2015 of ‘Back to the Future’ and the show has now come to an end.

So what did critics think of the final curtain call of ‘Glee?’ Here’s a roundup.

“…For those of us who still hold the show’s first season in high regard the two-hour farewell was a reminder of why we first fell in love with Glee. To be more accurate, it was half a reminder. Just as Buffy’s finale climaxed with it’s every-girl-is-a-slayer call to arms, the last part of Glee declared every student a singer. …” — The Telegraph

“…Let’s face it, “Glee” has been running on fumes for several seasons, making its two-hour finale more a subject of curiosity than the emotional event it would have been except for the hardiest “Gleeks.” Nor did this season’s buildup inspire much confidence, including such out-there moments as Sue Sylvester’s “Saw” homage and the combination of the McKinley High glee bunch with the rival Warblers, creating a giant if colorless super-team. Still, the big finish was everything it should have been, a sweet remembrance of what initially made the show take off. For a night, anyway, the series regained its voice….”Variety

“… The series’s two-hour finale appropriately ended with One Republic’s anthemic feel-good tune “I Lived.” Indeed, the show “did it all.” It was, for better or (often) worse just as messy and ridiculous as life – but, in its best moments, also as uplifting and powerful.

“Considering how wildly uneven Glee has been for, well, most of its run, the ending turned out to be pretty darn near pitch-perfect….. ” — People

“….Bending the rules of space and time as only Glee can, Friday’s series finale flashed back to each of the New Directioners’ origins before revealing what their futures have in store — and it was perfect…..” — TV Line

“…. It was easy to have the warm fuzzies throughout here, especially at the very end where everyone came back together. “Glee,” you did a great thing tonight; you may not have been perfect over the years, but you at least ended right. Grade: A-. ….” — Carter Matt

Watch video highlights of the Glee series finale episode below!

Winner Takes All

I Lived

I’m His Child

Someday We’ll Be Together

This Time

Daydream Believer

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