‘Pixels’ Full-Length Trailer # 1 Starring Adam Sandler

March 17, 2015

The first full-length trailer for ‘Pixels’ has debuted. Starring Adam Sandler, the science fiction adventure tale pits the planet Earth against invaders who have taken the form of gigantic 1980s style video arcade game characters, including Pac Man and Donkey Kong.

Adam Sandler

‘Pixels’ was directed by Chris Columbus (‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’) and arrives via Sony Pictures. It’s based on a 2010 short film by French director Patrick Jean.

The premise may seem far-fetched, but as the trailer reveals there’s a logic as to how this incredible turn of events came about. In a portentous preamble we learn that a NASA time capsule sent in 1982 contains many of our artifacts including the popular video games of the day. However, extraterrestrials misinterpreted our gesture of friendship as a declaration of war.

Next thing we know we have an intergalactic crisis. The fictitious U.S. President William Cooper (portrayed by Kevin James) calling upon his childhood friend, Sam Brenner — a champion 1980s arcade video gamer portrayed by Adam Sandler — to assemble a force to defeat these gigantic video game characters. He takes along with him fellow gamers portrayed by Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan and Ashley Benson also join the adventure. Kevin James plays the President, with Jane Krakowski as the First Lady. Pixels was directed by Chris Columbus.

The trailer makes it look quite exciting, and with more than a dash of humor. At one point Adam Sandler’s character says, incredulously, “Pac Man’s a bad guy.” And indeed he is in this movie!

And indeed, there’s a poignant scene in the trailer in which the inventor of Pac Man — whom he affectionately calls his son — attempts to communicate with the alien version. It does not go so well.

‘Pixels’ seems destined to become one of our summer blockbuster movies. What could be a more sure bet than iconic 1980s video games redrafted in CGI splendor and fierce battle scenes amongst the familiar landmarks of New York City in particular, although, as we glimpse the Taj Mahal in the trailer we see that it’s truly an international battleground.

The movie opens in theaters on July 24th. Watch the first official full-length ‘Pixels’ trailer video below!

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