Jamie Dornan Talks ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Sequels and Rumors

March 13, 2015

Jamie Dornan opened up about rumors circling ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and its sequels including reports that his wife objects to his being in the follow-up movies, and rumors about his “chemistry” with costar Dakota Johnson.

 Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan has brought the role of Christian Grey to the big screen in the screen adaptation of EL James’ bestselling ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. And similarly Dakota Johnson has become the embodiment of Anastasia Steele, the object of Grey’s vivid dominance fantasies and enactments of same. And now that the movie has arrived in theaters and seen staggering box office total worldwide, there are still rumors.

Well, there are always rumors, of course. The 32-yaer-old Irish actor addressed some of these in an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is a trilogy of novels and each novel is being brought to the big screen; the next one scheduled is ‘Fifty Shades Darker.’ Dornan dispelled rumors that his wife, actress and singer Amelia Warner, was forbidding him to continue with the franchise due to its graphic content.

He said, of those rumors, “Total b*****ks!” He added, “Of course she would have read the scripts well in advance, and she’s massively supportive of Fifty Shades.”

He also said of his continued participation in the franchise, “The idea was that we honour the trilogy and do all three.”

Jamie Dornan was asked about the other persistent rumor about his onscreen chemistry with costar Dakota Johnson not being sufficient. He said, “They wouldn’t have shot the film with us if there was a chemistry problem . . . whatever chemistry means. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a part like this, and they simply wouldn’t have cast us.”

The full interview and pics can be seen here.

There is certainly a demand for a sequel. Despite mixed reviews, fans have flocked to see the movie worldwide, and it opened with international box office receipts of more than $528 million. And so with rumors dispelled we can expect to see Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson lighting up, and heating up the silver screen once again in another ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie!

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