Alexandra Billings is a Transsexual Actress

September 5, 2007

Meet Alexandra Billings, the transsexual actress who is guest appearing in Grey’s Anatomy. See her photos, unique biography, and music video.

Is the term “transsexual actress” an oxymoron? Is Alexandra Billings an actor or an actress? How about “actoress”? Girly or boy? How about “boyly”? I know, I know. Just kidding so lighten up out there.

And transsexual sounds so sterile as if Dr. Frankenstein created a creature in the laboratory. If we call heterosexuals “straight” and homosexuals “gay,” can we call transsexuals, umm, “stray”? That sounds so much friendlier.

Alexandra Billings Biography

As a biography, Alexandra was born March 28th, 1962 in Los Angeles as a boy. His birth name was Scott William Billings. After a literally life-changing experience, if you catch my drift, he became she. She has an accomplished singing career aside from acting. “Being Alive” received a Grammy Award nomination.

As a transsexual actress, most of her career has been spent on stage in plays. She has appeared in the television movies “Romy and Michelle” and “Karen Cisco.”

Her appearance on Grey’s Anatomy was supposedly the first time a transsexual actress has played a transsexual character on television. I wonder how we can know for sure. I don’t think they all drop their skirts for the audition. Has anyone seen Eva Longoria naked?

Her wife is named Chrisanne and they reside in Hollywood where they have no children. As you can see in the photo and video, she is completely stacked with the best boobs money can buy.

Pictures of Alexandra Billings after the fold along with a music video.

Alexandra Billings Video

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3 Responses to “Alexandra Billings is a Transsexual Actress”

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    Celebrity Smack! Celebrity Gossip Blog and Entertainment News Site » Blog Archive » I Might Like You Better if We Linked Together Says:

    […] Meet the transsexual actress who will be appearing on Grey’s Anatomy (RC) […]

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    Jim Says:

    Good for her! Transsexuals will become mainstream in Hollywood before long as the younger generations get older.

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    Novick Says:

    cool picxxs