Kelly Clarkson Talks Motherhood, Music, Performs Live on GMA (VIDEO)

March 3, 2015

Kelly Clarkson performed live on Good Morning America and spoke out in an interview about her return to music, her baby daughter with husband Brandon Blackstock and more at the famed GMA Times Square Studio in New York City. It was her day to celebrate the release of ‘Piece By Piece,’ her sixth album.

Kelly Clarkson

The 32-year-old multi-Grammy winning pop music superstar, and season one American Idol winner is back after her short hiatus. ‘Piece by Piece’ was released via RCA the same day as the GMA celebratory appearance. After the debut of ‘Heartbeat Song’ which famously featured heartbeats of the Clarkson’s daughter — still in the womb at the time — the full album is now out. It’s the first since her 2013 Christmas album, ‘Wrapped in Red.’

In her interview she spoke about what it was like recording the album while pregnant. She said it was “very hormonal. Very intense.” She went on to speak about concerns she was losing her voice. She said, “Eight months in, like, you know, she was jumping up and down in there. Hard to sing.” She added that her voice came back when her daughter was three months old.

On motherhood, she said, “I love it. It changes your whole focus when it’s not about you and about someone else. Yeah, and I got — I have two other kids too. Two beautiful stepchildren. It’s cool. Everything becomes about home and my job is just fun on the side.”

Asked about her possible future country music album, Clarkson said, “Yeah, I love country music.I love R&B. I love a lot of styes. I just don’t want to stop changing and growing and, yeah.” It was a particularly pertinent question as her husband, Brandon Blackstock, is the stepson of country music legend Reba McEntire.

She also reflected upon one of her greatest hits, “Stronger,” and said of it, “It’s amazing how much music actually affects recovery. Like just your psyche and emotional state, it’s like scientifically proven to help so I love that.”

She also spoke of the work that she and her band have done in hospitals, saying, “That’s so easy for us to do as musicians in go to the hospital and do that and it makes a big, big difference. They do too. They do it for free, as well. This is my band. This is my second family.”

She also made the tour announcement, noting that her summer tour will kick off July 11th. Watch the video of Kelly Clarkson’s interview and performance of her classic hit ‘Since U Been Gone’ on GMA below!


Since U Been Gone

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