Katy Perry Covers ‘Billboard,’ Talks Super Bowl, Taylor Swift Feud

January 30, 2015

Katy Perry graces the cover of Billboard and talks about her Super Bowl performance, her feud with Taylor Swift and more as the magazine goes backstage to chronicle this most momentous of gigs for a music artist. It may last a mere 12 and half minutes, but the effects can linger for years in pop culture.

The pop music superstar is profiled just in advance of Super Bowl XLIX. And while that’s more than enough fodder for an article, we’ve got more to consider. There’s a feud brewing.

What’s the music world without a feud or two or three or four dozen or more?! Katy Perry so happens to be embroiled in one with fellow pop music superstar Taylor Swift. This one, while hinted at and speculated about for some time really took off when Taylor Swift wrote a song ‘Bad Blood’ about an unnamed singer. As social media erupted predictably the conclusion was that it was Katy Perry to whom Swift referred. And the accusations in print media were quite sharp as the unnamed was accused of being a “straight-up enemy.” Swift further claimed her “enemy” tried to “sabotage [her] entire arena tour.”

As for her reaction here and now, Katy Perry told Billboard cryptically, “If somebody is trying to defame my character, you’re going to hear about it.”

Katy Perry is in the midst of her Prismatic Tour in support of her Prism album. The tour has taken her all over the world, and some of its songs — notably ‘Roar’ and ‘Dark Horse’ — have gone on to become multi-platinum selling international smash hits. Nonetheless, the Super Bowl is a zenith and she said of it, “I want the show to be quintessential Katy. It’s like the exclamation point on the whole last cycle. This is the cherry on top to everything I’ve already done.”

She later added, “Everyone has been asking me if I’m going to be nervous before the halftime show…I’m like, I’m f—ing human. This is the biggest event of my career.”

Billboard notes that Perry has prepared in part by studying recent Super Bowl performances, notably Beyonce’s and Madonnas. She said, “Those performances are clean and streamlined…They’re about the catalog, the songs. I like Madonna for the graphic effects she brought.”

As for Beyonce’s performance, Perry said, “She brought so much strength, so much sassiness and just the right amount of sex.”

She went on to speak reverentially of her, adding, “She’s an icon. Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson — she’s in that category. I’m not. She’s like five notches above me, and those levels are compounded in difficulty.”

Speculation abounds in the days leading up to the performance which will soon be one for the history books as it is rare that a Super Bowl performer goes unnoticed. Katy Perry may wow the crowd and the critics or she may be among those who leave far too many shaking their heads. As they say, time will tell!

Meanwhile, whether the performance is forthcoming or in the past, the interview and the behind-the-scenes glimpse into what goes into those 12 and a half minutes is fascinating, and you can see Katy Perry’s Billboard cover image more interview excerpts and the full article here.

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