Sam Taylor-Johnson Talks ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ Husband Aaron Taylor Johnson and 23-Year Age Difference

January 23, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey’ director Sam Taylor-Johnson opens up on why and how she is bringing the EL James’ erotic bestseller to the big screen. She also spoke out about the 23-year age difference between her and Aaron Taylor Johnson, her younger husband. Her comments in a cover story interview with Red magazine are drawing much notice.

Now that Jamie Dornan, the titular ‘Christian Grey’ has given a number of interviews, this time around it’s time for the director to speak out. As many may wonder what it’s like for an actor to take on such a role, and risk, shall we say typecasting, if not outright stigma, so too, it’s a logical question to pose to the director of the movie.

In the Red magazine interview, Sam Taylor-Johnson addresses such speculation headlong. She revealed her passion for the EL James’ ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy that has become such a phenomena and taking it to the big screen. She said, ““I’ve practically eaten it. I have read it over and over. More than any other book ever. I had it on set with me the whole time. I have it in the edit room now.”

And indeed the editing itself has been epic. She said of it, ““I’m literally going out of my mind. I have seen this film over a thousand times and I’m now in a blancmange. But the nuances within – the tiniest shift, look, blink of an eye – can make all the difference and flip it into the wrong territory. It’s like walking a knife edge.”

But of course as we know there is far more to the story than what goes on in the editing room. And Sam Taylor-Johnson is quite candid in her struggle as a filmmaker in bringing the book she has “practically eaten” to the big screen. She said, “I want to protect my vision and that’s the hardest thing. There are so many voices. With any idea, 12 people have to approve it. And then you make it and 12 people want to adjust it.”

She went on to say, “And you have to try and keep them all at bay. To keep your voice clear. To keep the shape of your art. You think, you hired me because I’m a creative artist with a vision. Don’t try and knock it out of me.”

As for her husband — the 24-yaer-old actor, Aaron Taylor Johnson — the 47-year-old Sam Taylor-Johnson was refreshingly combative. One can imagine that she must be long tired over the hoopla over their age difference. She said of the hoopla, “Tell them to f–k off. If you love someone, you love someone. It doesn’t matter; age, colour, c’mon! We are tight. We travel as a pack. Aaron and I try not to work at the same time. When he was doing Godzilla in Vancouver, we were all there with him. And then they sent us back for Fifty Shades and Aaron was a stay-at-home dad and did all the school runs. And I think that consistency helped. I got lucky with Aaron, he’s amazing.”

And we should all leave it at that. Would we even be asking a 47-year-old male director about his 24-year-old actress wife? Certainly not, unless he were to leave her for a 70-year-old woman, and, well, then, full circle, there would be talk!

But right now fans are more concerned about the interactions between a certain Christian Grey and a certain Anastasia Steele who have until now lived only in the written word and the imagination. Now, the fans, and indeed the world, brace for the Valentine’s Day arrival of the movie.

You can see the complete interview of Sam Taylor-Johnson here. A tantalizing ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer is below!

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