Jennifer Lopez on Aging, Hacking of Celebrities’ Photos, Marc Anthony and More

January 20, 2015

Jennifer Lopez shared her thoughts about aging and how older women are perceived in the entertainment world. She also spoke out about the hacking and leaking of celebrity photos and opened up about her past loves including former husband Marc Anthony, in a wide-ranging interview with Complex magazine.

The 45-year-old superstar had much to say in the extensive interview with Complex which saw her quite contemplative. Among the topics, the massive hacking of Apple’s iCloud which saw the leak of nude photos of celebrities online. She said, ““It’s an invasion of privacy. You want to think that you can have privacy in this world —even with your devices. When people think it’s OK to do stuff like that for entertainment purposes and to embarrass people or take their intimate private moments, it’s cruel. It should be punishable.”

She went on to muse about celebrity and its unfortunate consequences, saying, “Oh! When you become rich and famous, you don’t have feelings anymore?!”

Sadly, that is how far too many people behave quite heartlessly.

She continued, saying, “That’s what it is. OK! C’mon. It’s not about having money in the bank. You can have all the money in the world and it doesn’t mean you’re a happy person. Money doesn’t solve problems. It makes some things easier but it just gives you a different set of problems. Everything has a trade-off in this world. I’ve learned that from being broke as hell and having money.”

Returning to the unfortunate hacking of photos, Jennifer Lopez added, ““We should have a choice about what we do. Nobody should be stolen from. You shouldn’t be stolen from just because you decided to take a crazy picture with your girlfriend or your boyfriend one day. We decide what we do with our private things.”

She also spoke out about criticism she has received for her ‘Booty’ song and for the sexually suggestive music video with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. She said of it, “I’m not allowed to be sexy because I’m a mom? It’s like, How do you think I got my children?”

She added, “The truth is I don’t want to do anything that they would be embarrassed of in the long run. But at the end of the day, they care more about me being there, taking care of them, than if I’m sexy in a video.”

She went on to share her thoughts on aging in Hollywood, saying, “It’s not like that anymore. Look at all the actresses who are working. I remember a couple of years back every actress on the cover of the September issues was over 40, because each one of them had a big film coming out. It was me, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Aniston. That was a defining moment. The world has changed. Women maintain themselves. We live in a different time.”

And, as a woman of what we used to call “a certain age” Jennifer Lopez has had much life experience. She recently spoke of past loves in her memoir, ‘True Love’ her first book which, as its title accurately describes, a book of memories and reflections of the many loves and would-be loves of the three-time married superstar.

She echoed some of the sentiments she wrote about in her book and that she had discussed in a previous, wide-ranging interview with NBC’s Maria Shriver. She spoke about her three marriages and former husbands — Ojani Noa and Cris Judd and more recently, Marc Anthony whom she married in 2004 and has since divorced.

She told ‘Complex,’ “When my first marriage didn’t work out, my second marriage didn’t work out, and I was with Marc [Anthony] and I was trying to make it work, and that didn’t work out, it was devastating.” She continued, saying, “Each time I felt like such a failure, from what I’d been taught.”

In reflection, she said of the heartbreak, “I’m grateful for all those trials and tribulations because with that you gain perseverance and the desire to learn and grow. So I’m happy about those experiences now. They’re painful in the moment, but now I see myself as a brave warrior princess who keeps going no matter what, and who has learned to cherish the things that matter in life, which is finding my own happiness first and then being able to share that with not just people in my life but with the world.”

It’s a refreshingly candid and revealing interview even by Jennifer Lopez’s confessional standards. She offers lessons for us all. Fame and wealth do not insulate from the pain and heartbreak of relationships, certainly, and conversely, as for all of us, there is much we can learn from our experiences.

The full interview with Complex magazine can be seen here.

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