‘General Hospital’ Star Genie Francis’ 30-Pound Weight Loss Success Story Revealed

January 15, 2015

‘General Hospital’ star Genie Francis opened up about her 30-pound weight loss success and plans to lose 20 more in an interview with People magazine. With the help of Nutrisystems, the Emmy-winning soap star is indeed a transformed woman; get the details on what it took to shed the pounds in just seven months.

The 52-year-old Genie Francis is known for her portrayal of Laura Spencer on ‘General Hospital’ for more than 30 years and as such is one half of the longtime Luke and Laura couple on the show whose place in pop culture is firmly enshrined. She spoke with candor about a lifelong struggle with weight as well as her inspiring triumph.

She told People magazine what a difference it has made to lose the weight, saying, “I am able to look at the future with some sort of hope and excitement now. And really there was none of that when I was overweight.’

Explaining that the dieting and focus on trying to lose weight was intertwined with her work, she said, “I started working when I was 14 years old. The first thing they did after I had been there for three or four months is put Laura on a diet.” She continued, saying, “I totally freaked and it was very hard on me.”

She noted this put her on track for 30 years of crash dieting and said that she was able to turn the situation around with Nutrisystems. She said, “I wanted something different this time…A lot of the diets I’ve been on have been extreme and taught me how to starve myself. But this has taught me how to feed myself.”

She also spoke about her commitment to her fitness routine, saying, “”The first five weeks I dragged myself to that gym, I didn’t want to do it..But then something flips and you want to go.” Reflecting upon the rewards, she added, “The weight loss and toning up is almost secondary to me now because I need it just to feel good.”

It is a success story indeed, especially considering she was put on a diet at age 14; not everyone in show business who has been forced to diet has fared so well, and eating disorders are not uncommon. But Genie Francis, whom the world has seen grow up over the decades on the daytime drama is indeed a success.

You can see the full interview plus some before and after pictures of Genie Francis here.

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